Cash for Liverpool research into Malaria

More than £30 million is being given to Liverpool's School of Tropical Medicine for them to spend on research into malaria.

The cash has come from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the $50 million grant will allow their work to continue into effective insecticides.

They are designed to help deal with mosquitoes which carry diseases like malaria.

In Africa a child dies from malaria every 45 seconds.

Chief Executive Officer Professor Janet Hemingway explained:

"The need for new insecticides has never been greater. 

"Increased funding for control programmes is saving thousands of lives but malaria is still killing one child in Africa every 45 seconds. 

"Resistance to insecticides is increasing at an alarming rate and we must find new alternatives even if we are to stay still in our battle against this and other vector borne diseases.   

"This award allows us continue the pioneering work we're doing in partnership with the chemical industry to find and develop totally new classes of insecticide to help put an end to this needless loss of life."