Doormen shot in Liverpool

Two pub doormen are in hospital after police say they were shot in the legs outside a bar in Liverpool.

It happened around 10.15 on Sunday night outside the West Derby Hotel and police say they are looking at CCTV footage.

They think two men in balaclavas fired a number of shots at the doormen outside the pub.

One of the victims a 21-year-old doorman received a wound to his right thigh, the other doorman, aged 22 years, was wounded in his left calf.

Detective Inspector Keith Smith, said:

"I would urge anyone who has any information about this shooting to come forward immediately.

"The people responsible for this attack on the doormen showed a total disregard for members of the public who may have been walking near to the pub, or even drinking in the pub, and they need to be caught.

"There is no place for violence of this nature on Merseyside and I would urge anyone who has any information to come forward so that the people responsible can be arrested, charged and put before the courts."