Minimum alcohol pricing in Wirral?

It could soon cost you more to buy alcohol in Wirral than other areas of the North West and North Wales.

Wirral Council is considering applying for special law making powers which would let them charge at least 50p for each unit of alcohol.

That would mean a 6 pack of lager will cost at least £6.
Now the Council is keen to know what the public think of the idea before deciding whether or not to ask for a special bye law to allow them to bring in the pricing.

The Chairman of Wirral's Licensing Committee, Cllr. Sue Taylor, said:

"There are huge issues in Wirral with alcohol - either through addiction, under-age sales or alcohol-fuelled crime and disorder.

"We need to look at ways to tackle these issues and I'm really keen that we look at all options, without punishing the moderate drinker who has a quiet pint on their way home from work.

"The new Government has recognised that the previous push towards 24 hour drinking has, if anything, made some of these problems worse. 

"I am keen that we overhaul the licensing system to tackle some of the alcohol-related issues we are seeing in all parts of the Borough, but I also want to know if residents would support us going down the Manchester route of charging, for example, £6 for a six pack of lager or £5.50 for a two litre bottle of cider."

Anyone who wishes to make their views known to the Licensing Committee can send their views via or by writing to the Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey CH44 8ED.