No visitors to Wirral Hospital

Arrowe Park is temporarily suspending all in-patient visitors because of flu.

A number of staff are off work suffering with cold and flu like symptoms.

The visiting restriction applies to all general in-patient wards at Arrowe Park Hospital in Upton with some restrictions for the Wirral Women & Children’s Hospital on the same site.

Restrictions have been in place from 4pm on Wednesday 29th December until further notice.

Tina Long, Director of Nursing and Midwifery at the Hospital is seeking public support for this action “We are asking visitors to please bear with us at this time and not to come to the Hospital to visit friends or family members unless they are very seriously ill. This temporary suspension of visiting will help us to concentrate on looking after those patients who need to be in Hospital. We will of course lift this restriction as soon as we can.”

Only in exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the ward manager will visiting to the general wards be allowed, and only to patients who are critically ill.

Tina said “If you have articles for patients such as clean nightwear, cards or reading materials, we have made arrangements for these to be left with our staff at the Hospital’s Main Reception and we will ensure that these are delivered to wards as soon as possible.”

She added “On behalf of the Trust, I apologise for any inconvenience that these temporary measures may cause to visitors and patients but we will lift the restriction as soon as possible.”