Police target unsafe drivers

People using mobiles behind the wheel being targeted

Both Merseyside and North Wales Police are targeting motorists who ignore the law and use mobiles or don't wear their seat belt.

Merseyside's Head of Roads Policing, Chief Inspector John Hogan, said: "Motorists who use a mobile phone while driving, don't ensure that they or their passengers wear a seat belt or fiddle with their car radios are causing a severe risk to themselves and other drivers.

"Lack of concentration features heavily in many road traffic collisions and we will be out in force this month targeting anyone we see committing these offences."

In June, 128 people in Wirral alone were caught using their mobile and received a £60 along with three points on their license.

North Wales Police are mainly targeting younger drivers after there were 113 serious accidents amongst 16 to 25 year olds in the last year.