School leads the way to tackle bullying

"Taking action together' is exactly what one school on Merseyside is doing to tackle bullying.

It national anti bullying awareness week and Wirral Grammar for boys in Bebbington has organised a conference with different agencies to work out a plan to stamp out bullying on school buses.

Their suggestions will be fed into a report to be produced for schools.

Wirral Youth Theatre will also perform a short piece of drama on the role everybody can play in the fight against bullying and anti-social behaviour.

13 year old Andrew from Wirral Grammar for Boys says it's great that they're leading the way:

"We are filming it today which will be put into a DVD to be distributed to schools around Wirral and hopefully they can learn from us as to what difference the students can make to stop bullying."

14 year old ben from Wirral Grammar for boys says:

"We want to pass the message on that Bullying is serious and if we all act together we can stop it."