Speeding motorists on Merseyside get quizzed by Kids

Speeding drivers on Merseyside have come face to face with children attending a Primary School on the road they were caught

The kids from St Andrew the Apostle Primary School, on Higher Road in Liverpool have questioned drivers on why they drove at up to 40 miles and hour in a 30 limit.

Police say some drivers were left ashamed and in tears after speaking with the children.

Drivers caught speeding were given the option of paying the required Fixed Penalty fine and receiving penalty points on their licence, or face a grilling by the pupils about their poor driving.

In feedback questionnaires filled in by motorists after being interviewed by the children, drivers said they felt 'ashamed', 'awful', 'overwhelmed' and 'embarrassed' and gave reasons for speeding such as being late, distracted, not being aware of the limit, not concentrating and being careless.

One comment says:

"Made me feel bad. Sad that children have had to tell me."

A second driver says:

"It has really hit home. It was upsetting to see the DVD." Another one commented: "I am now more aware of my speed and what could happen."

A third driver says: "It brings home the way a driver (ie. me) can become blase - should take the time to prepare to drive and think ahead."