West Kirby Pensioner to march on London

Tony Gaskell to ask for more help for Grandparents who look after their grandchildren.

A Wirral granddad is walking from the Scottish border to Downing Street with a petition to get more help for grandparents who have to look after their grand-kids full time.

Tony Gaskell, 69, from West Kirby sets off from Berwick Upon Tweed on Tuesday (June 1) in his 16 day trip to London.

Tony looks after his two teenage grandsons after his daughter got caught up in drugs.

Speaking to Heart, Tony reckons there could be as many as 500 families like his on the Wirral and they need help! "I might be in a fortunate position that I can give my two boys what they need for their school life but some grandparents can't and that's wrong!

"We have to live off our pensions and the kids aren't given the support they need because of the trauma in their lives.

"Children should all be given the same chance in life."