CCTV Released Showing Reckless Driving At Roadworks In Yorkshire

11 September 2014, 06:00

CCTV has been released showing the risk faced by people working to improve England's motorways and major A roads .

The video clips feature two examples of workers narrowly escaping serious injury when inattentive drivers ignore signs on the road and do not slow down. 

The footage has been produced as new figures show that last year saw the highest number of serious injuries among incident response teams since 2007 with 10 road workers suffering major injuries.

Roads Minister John Hayes said:

'The safety of those who work around the clock to carry out vital improvements and keep drivers moving after incidents is absolutely paramount. 

'It is not worth putting road workers' lives at risk, let alone the tragic impact on their lives and those of their families simply to shave a few seconds off your journey.'