Leeds Family's Cancer Battle For Kendal

17 June 2014, 06:21 | Updated: 17 June 2014, 06:23

A family from Leeds are asking the government to do more about their daughter Kendal's cancer.

4 year old Kendal Middleton Jessop was diagnosed with neuroblastoma just over 18 months ago.

By the time it was found it had spread to other parts of her body and she is now very seriously ill.

If it had been discovered when she was under a year she would have had a much better chance of being cured, but Kendal was 2 when doctor's gave her parents the terrible news.

After having chemotherapy Kendal has gone on to relapse and now her only option of more, potentially life saving, treatment is to travel to Germany or the USA.

Her family will also have to pay for that treatment and are raising money with a charity campaign.

The latest part of their social media campaign is asking people to get involved and show support by taking a selfie blowing a kiss.

They have had some celebrity support for Kendal's Kiss from TV legend David Hasslehoff who has taken to twitter to support Kendal.

Her family are also trying to raise awareness of her condition. 

They say not enough people know about neuroblastoma, despite it being the second biggest killer of children each year, after accidents in the home.

They also say not enough money is going into research and the government is not doing enough to support parents and families affected.

They would like more support, more money to try and help find a cure and for the government to hep fund treatment abroad, or at least strike a deal with Germany to bring the cost of the treatment down.


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