Hug for a Mug

Do you like hugging? Would you like a special treat for hugging?? Then check out what we are doing...

All week, we are encouraging you to get a….‘Hug for a Mug!’


We'll be joining the lovely Heart Angels in various locations this week and we want a photo taken with you, getting a ‘hug for a mug’.


We know what you're thinking "Oh my word that's amazing, but where will you be?". Well, here's a list of our locations...


Monday the 19th - Doncaster


Tuesday the 20th - Dewsbury


Wednesday the 21st - Wakefield


Thursday the 22nd - The Kirkgate Shopping Centre, Bradford


Friday the 23rd - Rotherham


What do you need to do? Turn up, say hello, get a hug, receive a mug and have a photo taken. It's THAT easy.


Check back here shortly to see a lovely gallery of all your "mug shots"...see what we did there??