Kellaway Building Supplies

Kellaway Building Supplies is a friendly, independent family run business with 8 branches in Bristol, Stonehouse and Swindon.

Customers appreciate the range of products and award winning service, delivered by a knowledgeable and friendly team.

The team have also put together these tips to help make your Bank Holiday DIY stress-free...!


  • Preparation is key to painting.  Time spent rubbing down surfaces will ensure a smoother, more flawless finish.
  • When laying paving or decking, be sure to include a geotextile membrane barrier under the base to inhibit future weed growth.
  • A postmix product can save you time when putting in a new fence.  Put the post in the ground, empty in the post mix and simply add water and wait for it to set.  No mixing, no hassle.  Job done.
  • Preparation is the key to any DIY job.  Plan out what materials you’re going to need and finish on time and in budget!
  • Don’t rush it.  Masking off ceilings and skirtings will ensure a straight edge when painting walls.
  • Prep your walls properly before painting by filling holes and cracks with filler.  Once set, sand them down for a flawless finish.
  • Clean as you go.  By keeping everything shipshape will often show up any imperfections in your work which can be corrected before everything’s been packed away.

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