Cambridgeshire Eco-Church Built By Villagers

31 August 2011, 06:00

The first phase of Cambridgeshire's first ever eco-friendly chuch - paid for and even built by people who'll use it - is completed today.

Dozens of people have been working for over a year to construct the new place of worship in Isleham, now the the current 200 year-old church in the High Street has become too small, for all the congregation.

Paul Hedger's the project manager and told Heart: "The Ark is an ambitious and extensive community and church building literally being made and erected by the congregation who have outgrown their current building.

A crane will place the final major structural timber of phase 1, a 2.5 ton hammer beam this morning and when complete, the building will provide over 2200 sq metres of space for church and community activities."

Mr Hedger added "The congregation initially built and equipped their own large sawmill also on the outskirts of the village,
bought all the oak they needed and cut the 1000 very large oak logs required for the building.

The large wooden pieces were then transported by road to the site of The Ark."

To find out more about the project Click HERE