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Shop security guard scolded by boss for refusing to arrive early for new job

Shop security guard scolded by new boss for refusing to arrive early to shift

What happens to Theo at the end of You season three?

Does Theo die in You season 3?

Who plays Matthew in You?

Who plays Matthew in You season 3 and where have you seen him before?

Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight now live together

Married At First Sight Australia's Johnny and Kerry could be the show's most successful couple

The Queen told The Oldie that she didn't think she 'met the criteria' for the award

The Queen rejects 'Oldie of the Year' award because 'you are as old as your feel'

A mum has shared why she isn't potty training her son

'I won't potty train my 14-month-old until he asks to use the toilet'

You can now get paid to sleep all day

You could be paid £24k to stay in bed all day and watch Netflix

Squid Game's director has teased possible season two storylines

Squid Game creator speaks out on possible season two storylines

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