What happened to Joey Essex's mum? Love Island star opens up about family tragedy

5 June 2024, 11:46

Joey Essex opened up on Love Island about the loss of his mum
Joey Essex opened up on Love Island about the loss of his mum. Picture: Instagram/ITV2

Joey Essex sadly lost his mum Tina when he was 10 years old but what happened? Here's what the reality star has said about his loss.

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Love Island celebrity bombshell Joey Essex has opened up to his fellow villa cast mates about the tragic loss of his mum Tina when he was just 10-years-old.

Having a chat with potential love interest Jess White, he admitted he's finally learnt to speak about what happened.

Joey, aged 33, said: "My mum passed away when I was 10. It's not nice growing up. I found it hard for years; I never really spoke about it but when you do actually speak about things, it's better."

Here's what happened to Joey Essex's mum and everything he's said about it.

What happened to Joey Essex's mum Tina?

When Joey was just 10, and his sister Frankie Essex was 13, Joey's mum took her own life after suffering with depression.

Before she died, Tina developed an infection called candida which causes stomach problems, fatigue, joint pain and depression.

At the time of her death, Joey and Frankie were told their mum had passed away after a fall.

Speaking to the Mirror in 2013, his big sister, who was also on TOWIE, said: "Mum hid it. It’s the silent ones, the ones who don’t speak, that you need to be worried about.

“She had to be strong for us and strong for my dad. She had everything she ever ­wanted but she didn’t know where to go in the end. If I wasn’t so young maybe I could have helped her.

“I wish there was more support for my mum. She hit rock bottom.”

Joey Essex opens up about his mum's death

What has Joey Essex said about his mum Tina?

Joey isn't afraid to raise awareness of what happened to Tina as he often speaks about her and even filmed a BBC documentary, Joey Essex: Grief and Me.

Released in 2020, Joey admitted his mum's death had left him with trust issues. Breaking down in tears he said: "My mum loved me, but she left me. I just think to myself: If she loved me that much, why would she leave me?

“Imagine if I was with someone and I had kids with them and I really did love that person and then she left me. I wouldn’t know what to do.

"I’m already thinking we’re gonna break up before we’re together. I’m pushing it away."

Joey has gone on to have therapy to help him deal with his heartbreaking loss and seems to be making progress as he admitted on Love Island he was finding it easier to open up.

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