All the celebrity cameos in The Bear season 3 – From Bradley Cooper to John Cena

2 July 2024, 15:47 | Updated: 2 July 2024, 16:10

Season three of The Bear had a number of celebrity cameos
Season three of The Bear had a number of celebrity cameos. Picture: Disney+

By Tiasha Debray

The Bear season three was chock-a-block full of wild celebrity cameos, from Bradley Cooper and John Cena, to Olivia Coleman and Jaime Lee Curtis. Here are all the celebrity cameos and who they played.

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The Bear has become one of the most critically-acclaimed shows, with stars Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri not only cleaning-up during Awards season but also enjoying their skyrocketing careers since they began starring on the show as Carmy and Sydney.

The show recruited some huge names for cameos in season two, from Jamie Lee Curtis, Sarah Paulson, John Mulaney, Will Poulter and of course, Olivia Coleman, but season three has taken things to a whole new level, adding a few more A-listers to the cast.

From Bradley Cooper to John Cena, here’s a complete list of all the celebrity cameos in season three of The Bear.

Jamie Lee Curtis plays Donna in The Bear
Jamie Lee Curtis plays Donna in The Bear. Picture: Disney+

Jamie Lee Curtis as Donna

Jamie Lee Curtis first joined The Bear family in season two as Carmy’s mother, Donna Berzatto.

Donna returned in episode eight of season three, titled ‘Ice Chips’, as Natalie ‘Sugar’ Berzatto went into labour and had no one to call except her mother.

Whilst their relationship has always been rocky, this episode marked the opportunity for the pair to have honest conversations with one another and hopefully, the pair managed to heal wounds from the past.

Bradley Cooper plays Chef Adam Jones from the film Burnt
Bradley Cooper plays Chef Adam Jones from the film Burnt. Picture: Disney+

Bradley Cooper as Chef Adam Jones

Bradley Cooper found time to take part in The Bear season three. Bradley appears for a split second during the fictional restaurant Ever’s funeral service in the last episode.

On the walls of the restaurant, a number of famous chef’s pictures are hung including a photo of Bradley as his character Adam Jones in the 2015 film Burnt.

If you were as confused as we were then don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, there isn’t any obvious overlap or relationship between the Hulu series and the film.

Rumours online are that Bradley may be reprising his chef role for the next season of the show, but those have not been confirmed. It’s unclear whether Bradley is meant to be his character Adam Jones, or whether the film itself is being referenced in the series.

Referencing the film Burnt might be foreshadowing what could be coming in the next season, as the film followed the story of an ex-Michelin star chef whose antisocial personality ruined his career – sound familiar?

John Cena plays Sammy Fak in The Bear
John Cena plays Sammy Fak in The Bear. Picture: Disney+

John Cena as Sammy Fak

Fans’ jaws dropped worldwide when John Cena appeared on screen in episode five titled ‘Children’, as the character Sammy ‘f***ing’ Fak, brother of Theodore and Neil Fak.

He was recruited by his brothers to help clean The Bear before a newspaper photographer came to visit and take pictures for the publication's review.

Olivia Colman plays Chef Andrea Terry
Olivia Colman plays Chef Andrea Terry. Picture: Disney+

Olivia Colman as Chef Andrea Terry

Oliva Colman reprised her role as Chef Andrea Terry, but not as you may think.

Her return came solely through flashbacks as well as photos of news stories after announcing her restaurant 'Ever' would close down.

Chef Andrea Terry served as a reminder to Carmy that life outside of the kitchen was important to nurture as well.

Will Poulter plays Luca in The Bear
Will Poulter plays Luca in The Bear. Picture: Disney+

Will Poulter as Luca

Will Poulter made a comeback as the incredibly talented pastry chef who took Marcus under his wing, Chef Luca.

His return came in the form of Carmy’s flashbacks and his character also reappears in person in the final episode.

John Mulaney as Steve

Comedian John Mulaney was a surprise cameo that shocked fans when they saw him on screen in season two, and now he has returned as Sarah Paulson’s partner in season three.

His very small cameo goes down in episode one, labelled ‘Tomorrow’, where John plays Steve, an old friend of Carmy’s who takes care of him when he crashes at their apartment after long nights working at Eleven Madison Park.

Josh Hartnett plays Frank
Josh Hartnett plays Frank. Picture: Disney+

Josh Hartnett as Frank

Josh Hartnett might have been busy rubbing shoulders with Cillian Murphey and Robert Downey Jr. whilst working on the Oscar-winning film Oppenheimer, but he managed to make time to appear in season three of The Bear.

Josh plays Richie’s ex-wife’s new fiancé in episode four of season three.

Viewers are treated to a hilariously awkward scene between Richie and Frank as the former drops off his daughter.

Jon Bernthal plays Michael Berzatto
Jon Bernthal plays Michael Berzatto. Picture: Disney+

Jon Bernthal as Michael Berzatto

Jon Bernthal has been a constant cameo since season one as he reprises his role as the late Micheal Berzatto.

Michael appeared in Carmy and Tina’s flashbacks throughout the season, specifically in episode six, titled “Napkins.”

The episode was directed by lead actress Ayo and allowed viewers to watch the origin story of how Tina met Mikey and ended up working at The Original Beef.

Celebrated Daniel Boulud makes a cameo in The Bear season 3
Celebrated Daniel Boulud makes a cameo in The Bear season 3. Picture: Getty

Which celebrity chefs made a cameo in The Bear season three?

  • Daniel Boulud (Daniel, Le Pavillon, Le Gratin, Café Boulud, Maison Boulud, Joji, Bar Boulud, Boulud Sud)
  • Thomas Keller (The French Laundry, Per Se, The Surf Club Restaurant)
  • René Redzepi (Noma)
  • Malcolm Livingston II (Former Head of Pastry at Noma)
  • Paulie James (Uncle Paulie's Deli)
  • Chris Zucchero (Mr Beef)
  • Grant Achatz (Alinea)
  • Christina Tosi (Milk Bar)
  • Genie Kwon (Kasama)
  • Wylie Dufresne (Du's Donuts, Stretch Pizza)
  • Anna Posey (Elske)
  • Rosio Sanchez (Restaurant Sanchez)

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