Maya Jama's age, height, net worth, ethnicity and relationship with Stormzy revealed

29 May 2024, 16:43

Maya Jama wearing a bikini, sexy red cut out dress and a pink mini dress
Maya Jama is back to host Love Island 2023 on ITV2. Picture: Maya Jama Instagram/ITV2

Who is Maya Jama, how did she become famous and how old is she? Here's everything you need to know about the Love Island presenter including her height and net worth.

Love Island is here and host Maya Jama is back in charge, helping the 2024 Islanders attempt to find their perfect match.

The new series is set to kick off on Monday the 3rd of June, so it won't be long until Maya is back on our screens welcoming the cast into the stunning villa.

After taking over the reigns from Laura Whitmore in 2023 Maya has become a fan favourite on the show, with her dazzling outfits and warm personality being a hit with viewers. While her relationship with Stormzy is certainly high-profile, Maya tends to keep her personal life private, leaving many fans wanting to know more about the TV presenter.

Here's all the essential Maya facts you should know including her age, height, ethnicity, net worth and current relationship status.

Maya Jama with her hair in a slick bun while posing on a red carpet
Maya Jama's rise to fame has included jobs in radio, TV and fashion. Picture: Alamy

How old is Maya Jama and where is she from?

Born on August 14th 1994, Maya is currently 29-years-old with her birthdate make her star sign a Leo.

Currently swapping her time between Mallorca and London, Maya actually grew up in Bristol before moving to the city when she was just a teenager to pursue her career dreams.

What is Maya Jama's ethnicity?

Maya is of Somali descent from her father's side of the family and Swedish descent from her mother.

While the TV star is proud of her ethnicity, she has admitted that this wasn't always the case. During an episode of the Receipts Podcast, Maya revealed that she didn't always tell people what her background was.

She explained: "When they asked me where I’m from I used to be like 'yeah I’m Spanish and Jamaican' or something like that – and just made a whole completely new background because I didn’t want people to judge me from where I was from."

How tall is Maya Jama?

You may be surprised to learn Maya's height is actually pretty tall as she measures in at 5ft 8 inches.

During her iconic slo-mo walks on Love Island, Maya is often seen rocking a killer stiletto heel which certainly adds to her statuesque appearance.

Maya Jama's wearing her naked wet look dress at the Love Island villa
Maya Jama's fashion and beauty choices have become hugely popular on Love Island. Picture: Maya Jama/Instagram

What is Maya Jama's net worth?

Maya revealed she became a millionaire at the age of 24 but insisted it's just a nice side effect of what she does, and it isn't her main motivation.

She currently has a net worth estimated to be around a staggering £1.5million. Maya's extensive TV and radio career has meant she's been able to afford her very own home in fancy West London and travel all around the world.

Maya Jama and Stormzy's relationship explained

Stormzy and Maya began dating in 2014 and continued to remain in a relationship until 2019 when the pair shocked fans when they announced their split.

In 2021 Maya then began dating basketball player Ben Simmons, with the couple revealing their engagement soon after. However it wasn't meant to be as the two split in 2022 and Maya reconciled with Stormzy the following year.

Since then twosome have kept their relationship relatively quiet, however they often share videos of each other on social media.

How did Maya Jama become famous?

Maya has had an extensive career in showbiz which started off on Rinse radio before she landed her first TV gig on MTV's True Love or True Lies. She then found the offers rolling in including shows like ITV2's Don't Hate The Playaz and further MTV gigs.

Other huge TV roles include becoming the host of BBC Three's Glow Up and Copa 90's Maya's Fifa World Cup Cities. She also fronted the first series of The Circle on Channel 4.

Elsewhere she had a famous YouTube channel, signed her name to multiple fashion deals and of course, found herself as the new host of Love Island.

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