Where Love Island filmed? All the location details revealed

24 June 2024, 09:48

Love Island 2024 has gotten a whole new villa
Love Island 2024 has gotten a whole new villa. Picture: ITV

By Tiasha Debray

Love Island 2024 is about to kick off with a brand new villa and a whole new set of rules. But where is Love Island filmed and where is the villa? Here are all the location details.

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Love Island 2024 will air on Monday the 3rd of June and In the wise words of the show's own host Maya Jama: "Love Island is the official start of the summer."

The first six men and women have been selected to enter the villa and from hairdressers to models and footballers, there’s going to be something for everyone. After Love Island All Stars finished with a bang– Molly Smith and Tom Clare scooping up the win– fans are desperate for some fresh and new content.

This year the producers have given the luxury villa quite the makeover, with bold colours and new house rules which are sure to shake up the show.

But where is this new and improved Love Island villa? Here are all the location details you need to know.

Love Island 2024 will be filmed in Mallorca, Spain
Love Island 2024 will be filmed in Mallorca, Spain. Picture: ITV

Where Love Island filmed?

The summer series of Love Island has always normally filmed in Mallorca, an island that’s part of Spain and this year is no exception.

If you find yourself in the area and fancy a visit, you can find the Love Island villa in the region of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar at the following address; Diseminado Poligono 8, 387, 07530, Illes Balears, Spain.

On Google Maps you can make out the unique circle shape of the fire pit that features heavily on the show and if you look further north of the villa, a road leads to what looks like a number of parked production trailers that confirms this is where filming has taken place.

Also if you zoom out further on maps, we can even make an educated guess as to where Casa Amor will be...

The Love Island villa is in a region called Sant Llorenç des Cardassar
The Love Island villa is in a region called Sant Llorenç des Cardassar. Picture: Google Maps

Where is the Casa Amor villa?

The Casa Amor villa use to be just down the road from the old villa which was located in a different part of the same region.

In previous seasons, after the girls and boys were split between the two villas, Casa Amor was close enough for those in the main villa to hear the shenanigans going down at Casa Amor.

When taking a look around the area surrounding the new location, there is one smaller villa with a pool just a four-minute walk or one-minute drive down the road which would be the most logical choice to film Casa Amor.

Casa Amor is normally close by to the Love Island villa
Casa Amor is normally close by to the Love Island villa. Picture: ITV

What’s different about the Love Island villa 2024?

According to creator and executive producer Mike Spencer, the new and improved villa was made with the intention of being totally "Instagram-worthy."

You can see it in the bold colours used and the parts of the villa that have been almost sectioned off to feel like their own private area.

Mike explained: "We're back at the same villa but it’s had a massive glow up. We have tried to create these new zones, so that everyone has a place, and everything has a place. There’s a Miami area here, which is really cool and quirky."

The 2024 Love Island villa has been given a dramatic makeover
The 2024 Love Island villa has been given a dramatic makeover. Picture: ITV

Most notably, Mike revealed that the rules surrounding the Hideaway had changed. Speaking to Grazia, Mike disclosed that you no longer had to be in a couple to use the hideaway, which is a game changer for islanders who may be stuck in a couple they’re not happy with."

He went on to explain: "At the moment, and this is very work in progress, you shouldn’t be in a couple to go in the Hideaway. Because sometimes, by default or by recouplings, you might end up in a friendship so the idea is that there is no invite needed, as long as you are not in a couple."

Not just that, but the Hideaway will supposedly be open all the time which means anyone can sneak off in there at any time. We feel this is going to cause A LOT of drama this season and we can’t wait!

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