Why have Lucinda and Timothy fallen out? The MAFS Australia star snaps back

8 July 2024, 11:04 | Updated: 8 July 2024, 12:00

MAFS Australia's Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith are no longer friends
MAFS Australia's Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith are no longer friends. Picture: Instagram: @lucindaslight, Channel Nine

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight’s Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith’s friendship is over, but while Timothy has been alluding to Lucinda being the reason for its ending, Lucinda has now fought back.

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Married At First Sight Australia 2024 was truly the pinnacle of great reality television.

From Tori and Jack’s inexplicable connection to one another, Jono and Ellie’s controversial wife-swap and Andrea and Richard's slow implosion to – of course – the fan-favourite couple of the season; Timothy and Lucinda.

While they may have never found a romantic side to their relationship, the pair left arm-in-arm as good friends. However, that all seemed to change when Timothy and Lucinda blocked one another on social media.

Whilst Timothy seems to have controlled the narrative up until now, over the weekend Lucinda jumped on Instagram to defend herself and revealed all isn't as it seems. But first, what exactly happened between Lucinda and Timothy?

Lucinda and Timothy were paired with one another in the social experiment
Lucinda and Timothy were paired with one another in the social experiment. Picture: Channel Nine/Instagram: @lucindaslight

What happened between Lucinda and Timothy?

Up until mid-April, everything seemed fine between the ex-reality couple. Lucinda uploaded a carousel of images on her Instagram, sharing pictures of the two during Timothy’s trip to Sydney.

She captioned the images, “Caught up with this divine hunk of spunk recently in Sydney!”

“Tim & I proceeded to ping pong back and forth our usual pr**k/b**ch dialogue as recent divorcees! Love ya Timbo!” she finished off with a hashtag calling him a ‘pr**k’ in an affectionate manner.

MAFS Lucinda and Timothy both chose to leave the experiment before final vows
MAFS Lucinda and Timothy both chose to leave the experiment before final vows. Picture: Instagram: @lucindaslight

But since May, the pair have not been seen with one another and earlier in June, media outlets began reporting that Lucinda and Timothy had blocked one another on Instagram as the two reality stars were no longer following one another and their tagged photos together had disappeared entirely.

Just one week prior to ‘the blocking’, Timothy uploaded a video on his personal TikTok, sharing life advice and motivation for his followers.

“As I went about my day yesterday, it made me think about time and how valuable time is. If people don’t respect your time - and respect is a big word - if they don’t appreciate or respect the time that you give people, cut them out. Get rid of them,” he said in the video.

Lucinda and Timothy developed a strong friendship during the social experiment
Lucinda and Timothy developed a strong friendship during the social experiment. Picture: Channel Nine

“Time is the most valuable commodity that we have. We give it out so flippantly for free, and if you don’t respect it and appreciate it, then get rid of them. Don’t let anyone waste one minute of your life and time because if they don’t respect it, they don’t deserve to have it.”

The timing of the video alongside the blocking had fans speculating online that the two were connected.

Yahoo! Lifestyle had a source reveal that jealousy may have been in play as Lucinda’s career has skyrocketed since leaving the show.

“There’s a lot of resentment towards Lucinda because she’s getting the most work and opportunities,” the source claimed.

However, Timothy and Lucinda have spoken out since, and it seems like the root of the issues between them are based on other factors.

MAFS' Timothy felt a lot of pressure to be vulnerable during the experiment
MAFS' Timothy felt a lot of pressure to be vulnerable during the experiment. Picture: Channel Nine

What have Lucinda and Timothy said about their fallout?

Not long after Lucinda and Timothy’s non-friendship began making headlines, Timothy took it upon himself to attempt to clear the air by uploading another TikTok confirming that the friendship had essentially come to an end - but he refused to air their dirty laundry, keeping the reasons to himself.

In a nine-minute-long video, Timothy touched upon his friendship with Lucinda saying, “We sign up on a contract [on MAFS] where you get to see everything in our life, nothing is off limits.”

“That’s the authenticity, If you stick with it, and let everyone see everything the show can be a really positive thing,” he explained.

“So whatever has happened behind the scenes, I’m always going to keep that private. And in regards to the online articles about jealousy and about this and that they are all off the mark. But in saying that I will keep ‘why’ private,” he said.

But he inadvertently did confirm that something happened between himself and Lucinda when he goes on to say, “There are only three or four people that know. And that’s where I’m going to leave it.”

He finished off by saying, “I wish Lu all the best in the future and there is no question that sometimes people’s paths take different directions. And that’s where it is.”

MAFS star Tim clears up where he and Lucinda Light are now

Whilst Timothy has spoken his piece, in general, Lucinda's kept silent on the matter, up until now. In the first week of July, the reality star uploaded a picture of her and her on-screen ex-hubby onto Instagram with a lengthy caption that read;

"In regards to the comments and blocking Tim has done~Conscious, clear and kind communication would have been my preference. If I’d offended Tim, I would have loved a phone conversation toward resolve."

"A couple of times I’ve confided in other cast members about genuine processes I’ve had since the show and behaviours that have upset me. I’m sure I’m not alone in that, we all need to process and share. Going on a reality TV show has been a huge experience and in many ways, I’m still processing it."

"In my heart, I’ve always held Tim with understanding and compassion. I take responsibility for any hurt I may have caused by sharing my feelings and hurts. There are no hard feelings my end and I still hold a lantern of hope for our friendship. Ho’oponopono ~ I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You."

"I appreciate the feedback from any cast members or anyone that feels I’ve upset Tim in any way, certainly not my intention. If Tim doesn’t know what I stand for from the months of hanging out then there’s nothing I can do to about that. I only wish Tim all the love & success."

"This is the last I’ll say on this piece, I’ve said what I have to say. I want to get on with my life~ I’ve got lots of love to share and I believe Tim does too. Everyone’s just trying their best in this one precious life and I for one don’t want to spend my energy and time in war, with anyone."

So it sounds like that is the end of this saga and whilst we may not know the nitty-gritty details of what happened between the two stars, the pair seem to be trying to end their friendship on the best terms possible considering the spotlight and scrutiny they are under.

Lucinda and Timothy became fan-favourites almost immediately on the show
Lucinda and Timothy became fan-favourites almost immediately on the show. Picture: Channel Nine

In late June, Eden jumped on Yahoo! Lifestyle’s Behind The Edit podcast and lightly touched upon the sensitive topic.

She revealed that she didn’t think there was any ‘jealousy’ from any of the cast with one another and put those rumours immediately to bed.

She did reveal that she’d only spoken to Lucinda “a bit” about the whole situation and told the host, “I’ll leave that for Lucinda to speak on. I think Lucinda’s pretty upset by it. I think she really wants to stay friends, as far as I know.”

The interviewer then asked the MAFS bride whether she was surprised by the turn of events, considering how close Lucinda and Timothy had become, and her response was very interesting.

“Yes and no,” she started, “I really did think they’d be friends for life, but Timothy’s pretty rogue sometimes.”

“He’s got really strong opinions, and good for him, but he’s pretty certain.”“If he thinks this is wrong, then it is wrong, and he goes hard on that. So I guess if he has an opinion on something, he’s just gonna go for it.”

With that statement, Eden has heavily implied that the ‘blocking’ was most likely instigated by Timothy after Lucinda did something that he may not have agreed with.