MAFS Australia's Lucinda reveals Jono was given an ‘unfair’ edit and says she is ‘cheering’ for him and Ellie

13 May 2024, 12:22

MAFS Australia's Lucinda has defended Jono and Ellie's relationship
MAFS Australia's Lucinda has defended Jono and Ellie's relationship. Picture: Instagram/@jono.mccullough/@lucindaslight

By Hope Wilson

MAFS Australia legend Lucinda Light has opened up about the show's editing process, as well as divulging how she feels towards controversial couple Ellie and Jono.

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Married At First Sight Australia favourite Lucinda Light, 43, has revealed she is 'cheering' for Jono McCullough, 40, and Ellie Dix, 32, following their 'unfair' edit on the show.

After breaking her silence on how things stand between her and Timothy Smith, 51, Lucinda disclosed to Heart which of her fellow MAFS couples she is rooting for.

The TV icon announced: "I'm actually cheering for all the ones that are still giving it a shot." She went on to add why she was 'cheering' for Jono and Ellie, saying: "Much to the probably controversial people, Ellie and Jono who are actually the loveliest people, but unfortunately you know, the edit's not great."

Lucinda continued: "There's a whole myriad of things I won't even go into that, but they're actually a fantastic couple and I wish them well."

Lucinda was a fan favourite on MAFS Australia
Lucinda was a fan favourite on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

The 43-year-old also touched upon the editing of MAFS Australia, after various cast members pointed out continuity errors on the show.

Lucinda revealed that she felt Jono received a 'unfair' portrayal on the show, believing that he got a 'wet rag' edit.

When asked about the MAFS edit, Lucinda stated: "It captures people's essence pretty fairly. I do feel like Jono got the 'wet rag' edit. I feel like any 'wet rag' moment he had, that was the edit.

"I felt like his was really unfair, because he was actually a real voice of reason, he was a very sort of solid, rational, he's an accountant, like he was quite a sound voice for us all on the show."

Jonathan and Ellie surprised their fellow couples at the MAFS reunion
Jonathan and Ellie surprised their fellow couples at the MAFS reunion. Picture: Nine

This revelation comes after Jono and Tim took to social media to call out an editing mistake on the show.

Fans were left puzzled when the grooms began hanging out with each other after the experiment ended, as the pair had engaged in a fiery argument whilst on the show.

Taking to TikTok to explain their friendship, Jono began: "I've been getting asked some questions, why is Tim hanging out with me when he called me slimy and a piece of s***. Why would you do that Tim?"

The camera then panned to Tim walking alongside Jono, who replied: "Well actually, I didn't actually say it about Jono. I actually said it about Jack that night."

Jonathan then aded: "Ooh that's an easy editing one. I reckon I could b***** do that with what I've learnt from TikTok in the last two weeks."

Timothy has visited Jonathan since leaving MAFS Australia
Timothy has visited Jonathan since leaving MAFS Australia. Picture: TikTik/jono.ellie

It looks like another person may have fallen victim to the MAFS edit, as Lucinda commented on Jack Dunkley's portrayal on the show.

The public speaker said: "Then of course, Jack didn't make the best behavioural choices through the show as we know, it was a bit of a stack upon stack, week after week of things that he said. But he also had his loveliness so it wasn't the most balanced.

"I feel like show, and we know this about reality television, it's a caricature, it's an exaggeration of each character I would say. But it was pretty on point."

Watch Lucinda's full chat with Heart here:

MAFS star Lucinda Light chats to Heart

Luckily for Lucinda she received incredible fan support following her appearance on the series, and has now announced that she will be embarking on a UK tour this August.

Speaking ahead of her new venture, the MAFS star revealed: "It's really exciting, I feel like it's my lifetime work that I'm about to share so I'm coming over to talk about emotional intelligence, to talk about relationships, to talk about our vibrant wellness and self care and all those juicy topics."