MAFS Australia's Eden claims Jayden refused to sleep in the same bed as her prior to split

24 May 2024, 11:34

Eden Harper has spoken out about her relationship with Jayden Eynaud
Eden Harper has spoken out about her relationship with Jayden Eyanud. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

MAFS Australia star Eden has has spoken out about her relationship with Jayden, explaining that the pair seldom shared a bed together whilst they were in a relationship.

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Married At First Sight Australia bride Eden Harper, 28, has revealed that her ex-partner Jayden Eynaud, 26, refused to share a bed with her whilst they were dating.

During an interview on the Sit With Us podcast, Eden emotionally opened up about her split from her MAFS husband and detailed what she thinks went wrong in their relationship.

In one telling moment the TV star revealed that whilst they were together, Jayden did not sleep in the same bed as her, which caused trouble in their budding romance.

The bride explained: "Jayden is very strict with his sport and his training, so much to a point where he won’t share a bed at night as he likes to be able to stretch and recover. That for me was a big deal breaker almost because I’m like, I need to be able to share a bed with a partner."

Eden and Jayden are no longer together
Eden and Jayden are no longer together. Picture: Instagram/@edenharper

She went on to add: "Bedtime, he didn’t want to stay with me and that was really concerning for me."

However Eden did reveal that after discussing their sleeping arrangements, Jayden made an effort to spend the evenings in bed with his girlfriend.

The 28-year-old continued: "He did really try. When I like vocalised how important that was to me he did really try like once a week to come and stay. But then eventually one of the night’s when he came to stay he just said ‘I can’t do this, I feel like I can’t your expectations.'

"I was just like really confused by the expectation thing because the only thing I’d ever asked from him was for a sleepover once a week."

Jayden and Eden met on MAFS Australia
Jayden and Eden met on MAFS Australia. Picture: Instagram/@jaydeneynaud.kickboxer

In the same interview, Eden went on to open up about the pair's messy split, disclosing what really happened the day of their break up.

She claims that Jayden sat her down and told her: "I feel like it’s just not working", which left Eden in tears.

The bride stated: "I was balling my eyes out. That night I didn’t try and reason with him, I did try and say are you being irrational and it was ‘no I’m not.’ So I was like oh okay this is a bit wild.

"I reckon the next day or a couple days later we caught up again and that’s when I really tried to reason with him and say like, if there’s things that you don’t feel are right about this then let’s talk about it. Because I’m happy to work on things if there’s things that I’m doing or that we can do together or whatever it is, and yeah he didn’t want to, he wasn’t interested."

Eden then praised Lucinda Light, 43, and Timothy Smith, 51, for helping her 'pick up the pieces' following her split from Jayden and his 'disrespectful' night out with Lauren Dunn, 32, and Sara Mesa, 29.

Eden and Jayden split shortly after the MAFS reunion
Eden and Jayden split shortly after the MAFS reunion. Picture: Nine

Despite Eden opening about their relationship, Jayden has only ever discussed their romance in his break up post.

Taking to Instagram the 26-year-old wrote: "Sometimes in life, things don’t always go the way you had hoped for. After the experiment, Eden and I went back to the Gold Coast and continued to enjoy living our lives together and getting to know each other every day.

"However, unfortunately, our relationship ended not long before the end of the experiment airing. As sad as it is, I’m so glad I got to go through this with such an amazing woman and a beautiful son 🐶 You will both always have a second family on the Gold Coast ❤️"