Inside Jayden and Eden's relationship since MAFS Australia

18 April 2024, 12:00

Jayden and Eden are still in a relationship after leaving MAFS Australia
Jayden and Eden are still in a relationship after leaving MAFS Australia. Picture: Instagram/@edenharper

By Hope Wilson

What have Married At First Sight's Eden and Jayden been up to since leaving the experiment? Here is everything you need to know.

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Jayden Eynaud, 26, and Eden Harper, 28, became fan favourites on Married At First Sight Australia season 11 after their love story captured the hearts of viewers.

After his brother Mitch appeared on the show in 2022, Jayden was hoping his time on MAFS would be more successful than his sibling's. Things started off great when he was matched with Eden, with the pair having an immediate connection.

However their journey in the experiment was a rocky one, with friendship fallouts, cheating allegations, and rumours of being 'fake'. Despite these challenges, Jayden and Eden chose to stay together during their final vows and were still going strong at the MAFS reunion. However since filming ended, the couple have announced that they are no longer together, with Eden left feeling 'blindsided' by the dumping.

What have Jayden and Eden been up to since leaving Married At First Sight Australia? Here is all the gossip.

Jayden and Eden met on MAFS Australia
Jayden and Eden met on MAFS Australia. Picture: Instagram/@jaydeneynaud.kickboxer

Since leaving the show, Jayden and Eden have regularly posted images of each other on social media and appeared to be on good terms.

But just weeks after the show finished airing in Australia, Eden took to Instagram to announce their split.

The bride posted: "When I made the decision at final vows to be with Jayden, I really did that with longterm intentions. Jayden & I spent many months together after the experiment, during which Cub gained a dad and I gained a second family who I’m truly grateful for.

"I’m saddened to share that toward the end of the show airing, our relationship came to an unexpected end. The ‘reality’ is, the person I chose didn’t choose me. Whilst I’m disappointed, I will never regret the experiment, the people I met, the lessons I learnt and the growth this process has had on me.

"Thank you for supporting us and for also wishing for the same fairytale that I had hoped for."

MAFS Australia teases problems between Jayden and Eden

Jayden then took to the social media platform to confirm their split, writing: "Sometimes in life, things don’t always go the way you had hoped for. After the experiment, Eden and I went back to the Gold Coast and continued to enjoy living our lives together and getting to know each other every day.

"However, unfortunately, our relationship ended not long before the end of the experiment airing. As sad as it is, I’m so glad I got to go through this with such an amazing woman and a beautiful son 🐶 You will both always have a second family on the Gold Coast ❤️"

Eden and Jayden are no longer together
Eden and Jayden are no longer together. Picture: Instagram/@edenharper

So Dramatic! had previously reported that the couple had split over the Christmas period, just a few days after the reunion was filmed.

A source told the publication: "He would barely speak to her once they left the experiment.

"Jayden wanted followers to promote his boxing. He went in with a plan, and fooled us. It was all an act, he would cry on the couch and everyone fell for it. The only person who didn’t buy it was Timothy."

Jayden and Eden split shortly after filming ended
Jayden and Eden split shortly after filming ended. Picture: Instagram/@edenharper

The insider added: "Apparently the couple didn’t speak for weeks over the festive period, but then Jayden believed this would 'make him look bad' so 'came grovelling' to Eden to take him back.

"He allegedly told people he was going to hope she would dump him soon, so he didn’t look bad.'

This was also confirmed by Yahoo Lifestyle, who claimed that the couple had a 'secret pact' to stay together whilst the show was on in order to forward their careers.

Jayden on his wedding day on MAFS Australia
Jayden and Eden on their wedding day. Picture: Nine

A source told the site: "Jayden and Eden are only keeping their relationship public to build publicity around his kickboxing matches.

"They’ve already broken up four times since the show finished filming and while Eden still has feelings for Jayden, he isn't into her."

Jayden and Eden chose to stay together after their final vows
Jayden and Eden chose to stay together after their final vows. Picture: Nine

But that wasn't the end of the love issues between Jayden and Eden, as cracks in their relationship appeared in April when Jayden was pictured looking very cosy on a night out with Lauren Dunn, 32, and Sara Mesa, 29.

Despite Lauren confirming that the encounter was wholly innocent, Eden later came out to claim she found their display 'disrespectful'.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Eden stated: "I think both of their behaviour on that night was quite disrespectful of me."

Eden has spoken out after Jayden was seen getting close with Lauren
Eden has spoken out after Jayden was seen getting close with Lauren. Picture: Nine

The MAFS bride continued: "It felt almost a little bit intentional from Lauren's half to hurt my feelings, and maybe Jayden as well.

"I think that the second that I wasn't there for her to be all over him and there's a clip where she grabs his hand and puts it on her chest and stuff like that."