Which MAFS Australia couples are still together from 2024?

19 April 2024, 09:18 | Updated: 23 April 2024, 13:58

MAFS Australia season 11 has seen brand new couple form
MAFS Australia season 11 has seen brand new couples form. Picture: Instagram/@lucindaslight/@jaydeneynaud.kickboxer

By Hope Wilson

Where are the couples of Married At First Sight Australia season 11 now, which ones have split-up and which ones are still together?

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Married At First Sight Australia season 11 kicked off with a handful of hopeful singles who were matched up by the experts and met for the first time on their wedding day, including Richard and Andrea, Lucinda and Timothy, Jack and Tori and Jayden and Eden.

While relationships like Natalie and Collins and Madeleine and Ash ended before they even started, many of the couples have gone on wild journeys during their time. With cheating scandals, controversial comments and arguments aplenty, many viewers have been left questioning which of the 2024 couples from Married At First Sight are still together.

As final vows and the reunion have aired in Australia, it is now clear who is still in a relationship and who has split.

So, which MAFS Australia 2024 couples are still together? Here is everything you need to know.

The cast of MAFS Australia have made headlines with another dramatic season
The cast of MAFS Australia have made headlines with another dramatic season. Picture: Nine

Jayden and Eden - Not together

MAFS Australia saw a family connection enter the experiment when Mitch Eynaud's brother Jayden Eynaud, 26, married Eden Harper, 28, on the show.

The newlywed's spark was clear to see, however the two went through a rough patch when Jayden made a shocking confession to Eden regarding his ex-girlfriend. The pair decided to move on from this and whilst relations between Jayden and Eden were positive, the same can't be said for their relationships with their other cast mates.

Jayden saw conflict with fellow groom Timothy who came out the claim that the pair's connection was 'fake'. Eden's husband hit back at these accusations telling Daily Mail Australia: "I don't know where these claims have come from, but that's a load of c***. What you see on TV with me and Eden is exactly what you get."

Eden also saw herself at the centre of a cheating scandal which led to a massive fallout between Sara and Tim, which led to complications in her relationship with Jayden.

However the couple managed to work through their issues and during their final vows, Jayden and Eden decided to stay together and continue a relationship. Since then the pair have been pictured kissing whilst at the MAFS reunion and have were very lovey-dovey on social media after leaving the experiment.

But cracks have started to show after Eden branded Jayden 'disrespectful' after he was seen getting cosy with fellow bride Lauren Dunn. Things then took a turn for the couple and they announced their split shortly after the season had finished airing, with Eden claiming she was left 'blindsided' by the dumping.

Jayden on his wedding day on MAFS Australia
Jayden on his wedding day on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Sara and Tim - Not together

The first couple to marry on MAFS Australia was 29-year-old Sara Mesa and 31-year-old Tim Calwell.

Despite having a massive honeymoon argument and Sara cancelling three of their dates back to back, the couple appeared to be working their issues.

But things looked like they were over between Sara and Tim when Eden revealed that the bride had met up with her ex-boyfriends whilst married to TIm. This caused the dinner party to become explosive, with Sara screaming at her fellow cast mates. It was later alleged that Sara was also texting former MAFS star Ollie Skelton whilst on the show.

Despite agreeing to stay together during final vows and being pictured arriving at the reunion holding hands, however Sara has now confirmed that the pair have split.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Tim was dating a woman called Barbara before joining MAFS, and got back together with her following his split from Sara. Ouch!

However there was also rumours that Sara may be dating Tristan, however neither parties have confirmed or denied the accusations.

Sara and Tim are involved in a cheating scandal on MAFS Australia
Sara and Tim are involved in a cheating scandal on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Jack and Tori - Still together

One of the most controversial couples in season eleven of MAFS Australia is Jack Dunkley, 34, and Tori Adams, 27.

The pair didn't have the greatest of starts to their marriage after Jack admitted that he wasn't attracted to his new wife. During the first dinner party Jack came under fire after it was revealed he apparently had a 'secret girlfriend', which he denied.

Feelings towards Jack became even more tricky when he made enemies with practically every member of the cast after telling Jonathan to 'put a muzzle' on his wife, after she questioned his behaviour towards Tori. This led to MAFS expert John Aiken calling out Jack for his 'disgusting' comment, however Jack continued to insult his fellow participants by calling them 'whales' and allegedly grabbing Sara's bottom.

However Jack and Tori decided to put all of their grievances behind them and chose to remain in a relationship during their final vows.

Despite having a rocky time on the MAFS Australia reunion episode and posting a scathing comment on social media to their castmates, the pair recently gave an interview to Woman's Day Magazine where Tori revealed her husband would 'be a great dad', so we could be seeing some MAFS babies soon!

But it wouldn't be a MAFS relationship unless there were some infidelity allegations in the mix, as Jack has been accused of cheating on Tori. Yet it seems like the couple are ignoring the rumours and focusing on their careers as it's been said that Jack could be teaming up with fellow MAFS villain Harrison Boon for a secret project, so watch this space...

Jack and Tori had a rough start on MAFS Australia
Jack and Tori had a rough start on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Ridge and Jade- Still together

Late comers Ridge Barredo, 27, and Jade Pywell, 26, found an instant connection on the show.

After emotionally opening up about her daughter, Jade and Ridge's relationship has continued to flourish on the show, without much getting in their way.

The couple did hit a speed bump when Ridge was accused of being 'immature' by Jade's family, but the 27-year-old is determined to prove them wrong.

After getting back on the same page, the couple decided to stay together following their final vows and look stronger than ever. However the future may be a rocky one, as the pair have been dogged by cheating claims, so all may not be well...

Jade and Ridge appear to be together
Jade and Ridge appear to be together. Picture: Nine

Lauren and Jonathan - Not together

After arriving an hour late to her wedding, Lauren Dunn, 32, certainly made an impression on her husband Jonathan McCullough, 32.

Whilst Lauren had to leave the show for a short time due to a health scare, the couple seemed to be on better terms after she returned to the experiment. But things took a dramatic turn when it was revealed that Jonathan had been texting fellow MAFS contestant Ellie behind Lauren's back. This led Lauren to deliver a scathing final vows speech to her husband in which she dumped him. However there are now reports that Lauren had a 'secret boyfriend' during filming.

Despite a fiery reunion which saw Ellie and Lauren at loggerheads, things seem to be going better for Jonathan and Ellie as the pair appear to be in a relationship. Lauren has also come out to support the pair and wishes them the best.

Jonathan and Lauren met on MAFS Australia
Jonathan and Lauren met on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Andrea and Richard - Not together

As Married At First Sight Australia's oldest ever couple, Richard Sauerman, 62, and Andrea Thompson, 51, quickly became the show's sweethearts.

After sealing the deal on their honeymoon, Richard and Andrea's relationship continued to bloom throughout the experiment.

However things took a turn mid-way through the season after Andrea revealed she felt 'disrespected' by Richard after he disclosed intimate details about their marriage in a commitment ceremony. The pair had a breakthrough where they discussed their feelings and decided to move on from the situation.

But after blazing rows an controversial comments left viewers fearing for their future, Andrea and Richard eventually decided to call it quits and leave the experiment as friends.

During the reunion Andrea and Richard's scenes were cut, so we didn't get to hear from the pair, however the groom has spoken out, revealing that he and Andrea are 'not friends'. Eeekk!

Richard and Andrea were matched on MAFS Australia
Richard and Andrea were matched on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Ellie and Ben - Not together

Married At First Sight Australia couple Ellie Dix, 32, and Ben Walters, 39, are no longer together, after they both voted to leave the experiment following weeks of unease.

Things between the pair got off to a difficult start after Ellie's cousin accusing Ben of not being there for genuine reasons, after the groom spent most of his wedding day talking about his up-and-coming podcast.

As they completed various challenges on the show, tension continued to rise between the pair, culminating in Ben leaving Ellie for 24 hours, only to return with a laundry list of notes about what he didn't like about his wife. As expected, this caused Ellie to break down and eventually led to the end of their relationship.

But things seem to have taken a turn for Ellie as she has been pictured getting very cosy with fellow MAFS Australia contestant Jonathan McCullough, 39.

Ellie and Ben have had an interesting time on MAFS Australia
Ellie and Ben had an interesting time on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Cassandra and Tristan - Not together

Tristan Black, 30, and Cassandra Allen, 29, had one of the sweetest weddings on MAFS Australia after Cass's dad stole the show with his emotional speech.

After opening up about his extreme weight loss, Tristan has been open about his confidence issues which had hindered his connections in the past.

With their lack of romantic connection growing, Tristan voted to leave the experiment during one tense commitment ceremony, leaving Cassandra devastated.

The two decided to remain in the experiment and work on their marriage, however it wasn't meant to be and the couple decided to exit MAFS as friends.

Tristan Black and Cassandra Allen were wed on Married At First Sight
Tristan Black and Cassandra Allen were wed on Married At First Sight. Picture: Nine

Lucinda and Timothy - Not together

Lucinda Light, 43, and Timothy Smith, 51, were one of the first weddings on Married At First Sight Australia 2024, with their less than conventional wedding ceremony causing a stir MAFS Australia's Timothy breaks silence on Andrea dating rumours as fans hope he'll reunite with Lucindaon social media. Despite the torrential rain and chicken wing activity, Timothy brought tears to viewers eyes on the big day after confessing his recent family tragedy.

After tying the knot Lucinda and Timothy had a rocky start to their marriage. This all began when Timothy confessed that he didn't have any 'sexual chemistry' with his wife upon first meeting her.

Their attraction issues continued to fester on the show, which eventually culminated in Timothy having a sit-down meeting with Lucinda's dad, which saw the father give his son-in-law a good talking to. Since then Timothy started to let his walls down and the pair grew closer.

However, after their homestay things went from bad to worse for the couple, Lucinda and Timothy decided to end their relationship on good terms and as close friends. They said: "I know for a fact that we'll always be in each other's lives".

Fans were hoping there would be a light at the end of the tunnel, as the couple hinted that they may get back together in the future. But it was later confirmed that they were only friends, but have continued to stay in contact.

But the drama didn't end for the two, as it was later exposed that Timothy had been to prison for drug trafficking prior to taking part in the show. This came as a shock to producers who didn't know this, however it was explained that Timothy had informed Lucinda about his past.

Most recently there was talk that Timothy was dating Andrea, however he has since come out to reveal that they are "friends for life".

In happier news, there are also rumours that Lucinda could be joining the expert panel on MAFS Australia. We have our finger's crossed!

Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light were wed on Married At First Sight Australia
Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light were wed on Married At First Sight Australia. Picture: Nine

Michael and Stephen - Not together

Michael Felix, 34, had a tough start to the show after his first match pulled out of the series days before their wedding.

Luckily for Michael, the MAFS experts found him another match in the form of 26-year-old Stephen Stewart. While Michael felt an instant connection, Stephen was still unsure of his groom after finding out he wasn't his first choice. As the pair headed on their honeymoon, Michael's feelings continued to grow whilst Stephen's stagnated.

Things took a dramatic turn when Michael accused Stephen of flirting with their hairdresser, which led to 27-year-old to confess he felt a spark with someone else.

With their relationship continuing to crumble, Michael and Stephen put an end to their relationship and chose to exit MAFS single.

Michael was Stephen's second groom after his first matched pulled out of the show
Michael was Stephen's second groom after his first matched pulled out of the show. Picture: Nine

Madeleine and Ash - Not together

In one of the least shocking couple announcements, psychic medium Madeleine Maxwell, 30, and sales manager Ash Galati, 33, are no longer together.

After a strange wedding and even weirder honeymoon, it didn't take the pair long to realise they weren't a perfect match. As soon as their journey started, it immediately ended as Ash and Madeleine left the show days after meeting.

Madeleine and Ash were the latest couple to get married on MAFS Australia
Madeleine and Ash are no longer together. Picture: Nine

Collins and Natalie - Not together

One of the strangest couples on Married At First Sight Australia season eleven was Collins Christian, 28, and Natalie Parham. 32.

After the world's most awkward honeymoon, it was clear from the start that Collins and Natalie weren't going to last and the pair left the experiment shortly after.

Since leaving the show, Natalie was seen getting close with fellow MAFS Australia groom Ash Galati, 33, however she has now come out to state that she is dating an unnamed woman whom she knew before the show.

Natalie and Collins wed on MAFS Australia
Natalie and Collins wed on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine