MAFS Australia's Lucinda and Timothy hint they may get back together during heartwarming reunion

8 April 2024, 13:30

MAFS Australia's Timothy and Lucinda may be getting back together in the future
MAFS Australia's Timothy and Lucinda may be getting back together in the future. Picture: Nine/Instagram/Lucinda Light

By Hope Wilson

Could MAFS Australia's Timothy and Lucinda be getting back together?

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Married At First Sight Australia season 11 has come to an end after the dramatic reunion episode saw cheating scandals unveiled and relationships spiral, as the cast came together one final time.

During the explosive dinner party, viewers watched as Jonathan McCullough, 40, and Ellie Dix, 32, confirmed their relationship, much to the shock of the other couples and Jono's ex Lauren Dunn, 32. A dramatic blow-up between Sara Mesa, 29, and Tim Calwell, 31, saw their partnership in turmoil, however love was continuing to grow between Jayden Eynaud, 26, and Eden Harper, 28.

One pairing fans were delighted to see on their screens again were Timothy Smith, 51, and Lucinda Light, 42. Things seem to be well between the two following their emotional split, with both of them commenting on how much they appreciated the other.

Despite rumours that Timothy may be dating Andrea Thompson, 51, he and Lucinda seemed to hint that they may reconcile in the future.

Lucind and Timothy are one of the couples on MAFS Australia
Lucind and Timothy are one of the couples on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

During the final commitment ceremony, the former couple were quizzed by MAFS experts Mel Schilling, John Aiken and Alessandra Rampolla on the status of their relationship.

While Lucinda revealed that she speaks to Timothy 'a couple of times a week', the groom added that he often gives her a call when it comes to 'emotional things'.

The bride then stated: "I see Tim… the pain and the struggle and deep loss. What I love about Tim is he just makes the world smile and laugh around him, despite all of his loss. I respect that so much.

"Once he loves you, you're there in his heart. Tim associates with the Tin Man, but he's actually got a ginormous heart."

Lucinda and Timothy hinted they may get back together
Lucinda and Timothy hinted they may get back together. Picture: Nine

Tristan Black, 30, then chimed in, stating: "Papa. You've changed so much and I blame mama. You've grown, you've touched your emotions. At the start everyone hated you, and everyone loves you!"

Lucinda then replied: "I love Tim. Look at this face, he's the best. We've shared so much, and I just feel happy."

Things continued on a sweet note when Tim revealed: "I wouldn't have wanted to do the experiment with anybody else."

Watch Lucinda and Timothy at the MAFS Australia reunion here:

Lucinda and Timothy reunite on MAFS Australia

The exes were then asked if there was hope for their relationship, to which Tim stated: "For sure, yep. I always said it wasn't the ending of something, but the beginning of something."

While they haven't confirmed the status of their partnership since the show ended, Lucinda posted an adoring message to Tim on Instagram.

The post began: "That’s a wrap! What a blast! What I adore most about you Tim is your ability to bring laughter to those around you, even amidst your own pain and loss. Your bravery throughout our time together has been awesome! You opened up your vulnerable side, showing men everywhere that it's not okay to bottle it up! Despite your "Tin Man" facade, I see the enormous heart you carry 💕"

Timothy opened up about his emotional journey on MAFS Australia
Timothy opened up about his emotional journey on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

She continued: "I'm incredibly proud of you, and I'm sure your mum Varee and brother Dave would be too, looking down on you from up above. You've shown true courage and authenticity & you’re a legend. Too many men suffer in silence, and it's time we changed that paradigm. We need to celebrate men who are open-hearted and willing to show their emotions. That’s the new SEXY!

"I've witnessed you take tremendous strides in our journey together, and I hope you continue on your path of healing. True redemption and inner peace come from letting go, forgiving, and allowing love to flow freely. I believe in you, Timbo, and I know that a wonderful woman awaits you for a joyous journey ahead. Here whenever you need an ear."