Are MAFS Australia's Jack and Tori still together now?

11 June 2024, 16:52

MAFS couple Jack and Tori wedding day
MAFS couple Jack and Tori raise questions over the strength of their relationship outside of the experiement. Picture: Channel Nine
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Jack and Tori's relationship on Married At First Sight Australia was no easy watch but are they still together now the show has ended? Here's what we know.

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MAFS Australia couple Jack and Tori quickly become one of the most controversial matches of season 11 which began with their wedding where he claimed he wanted to be "dominant", and ended with their final vows which left Tori in utter shock with his choice of words.

Jack, 34, a personal trainer from Queensland and Tori, 28, a business development manager from Victoria have had their fair share of bumps in the road during their time in the experiment, including claims the groom had a girlfriend when he applied for the show and was in contact with her during the experiment.

Rumours continued to plague Jack and Tori's relationship after he was accused of renting an Airbnb during homestays as he was still living with his ex-fiancé.

Things also worsened when Jack told Jonathan to 'muzzle your woman' when discussing his wife Lauren, leading to expert John Aiken to call him out on his 'disgusting' comments. Plus who could forget the cringeworthy moment when Jack asked Tori to 'convince' him that she was the 'hottest' during the photo ranking challenge, and when he called Timothy and Tristan 'whales'.

Despite all of this and a rocky time during the MAFS reunion, Tori and Jack remained adamant that they were one of the best couples on Married At First Sight - but where are they now and are they still together? Here's what happened post experiment.

Married At First Sight's Jack and Tori met for the first time on their wedding day, and appeared to both be happy with their matches
Married At First Sight's Jack and Tori met for the first time on their wedding day, and appeared to both be happy with their matches. Picture: Channel Nine

Are Jack and Tori still together?

MAFS Australia's Jack and Tori are still in a relationship and in fact, are the only ones from the whole experiment who have stayed together.

During an awkward final vows ceremony in which Jack stated he was 'not in love', the pair decided to continue their partnership into the real world and things have gone so well, they've even started a business together.

After their final episode aired, Jack took to Instagram to post: "Dear wife, you are the most incredible partner I could ever ask for. Your intelligence, your courage, your unconditional loyalty.

"You have supported me in ways that a man could never explain. For this I thank you, my journey on #MAFS was unforgettable however its only a chapter out of our ‘story of life’. You complete me & I vowel to always protect, respect & take care of you ♥️♥️♥️ #mybaby you have absolutely won my heart."

Tori then added: "Jack, our journey was not for the faint of heart. We spent each and every day on what felt like a battlefield. We were alignment from day dot and our unity never wavered.

"You showed me that the old school love that I asked for, exists. You treat me with nothing but the utmost love, respect and gratitude. Thank you for making me feel protected, secure and valued.

"Jack, whilst we didn’t choose each other in the beginning, I can wholeheartedly say I choose you today and everyday thereafter. This experiment is only the beginning of our journey, here’s to the next chapter of us 🖤🩶🤍 #MAFS"

Here's everything that happened between Jack and Tori on MAFS Australia:

MAFS Australia's Jack and Tori at a dinner party
MAFS Australia's Jack and Tori are still together despite an unconventional journey. Picture: Nine

Jack and Tori's wedding day

On their wedding day, Tori and Jack appeared to be happy with their matches when they met for the first time at the alter.

Jack said: "I'm an energy guy and I liked her energy," while Tori added: "He just… so far, ticks all the boxes."

However, after they exchanged vows and Tori revealed herself to be strong-headed, Jack told the cameras: "I think she'll challenge me a little bit but I'll definitely reckon sort her out and we'll have a good time."

He later added: "I think Tori's definitely got a bit of spice to her. I definitely want to play that dominant role to Tori. It might be a bit of a power struggle."

On their wedding day Tori's friend Lea managed to see the red flags from Jack, expressing concern that all his guests are the reception were clients of his from the gym.

Tori's friend Lea had some concerns about Jack after noticing all his wedding guests were gym clients
Tori's friend Lea had some concerns about Jack after noticing all his wedding guests were gym clients. Picture: Channel Nine

Expressing her worries, Lea told Tori: "Why is everyone here a client of yours? Where are your long-term relationships? I want to see you can maintain a long-term relationship. It doesn't have to be romantic... but where is that, where you're not getting financial benefits?"

She went on to explain that it was "giving a controlling the narrative" vibe and that she wasn't sure if it was a "misogynistic thing".

Jack and Tori's honeymoon

Despite Tori being blown-away by Jack's appearance on their honeymoon, the groom was quick to admit to the cameras that he wasn't feeling sexually connected to his new wife.

During a romantic dinner, the pair started to discuss their "deal breakers" where Jack responded by telling his wife he "demands respect".

They then go on to discuss their sexual compatibility, with Jack admitting: "I've definitely had bigger sexual sparks instantly...with the mixed emotions running through my head the day I met you, I wasn't going, 'God damn, I want to get this girl in bed'."

Jack's ex-girlfriend goes public

At the first dinner party of season 11, all eyes were on Jack and Tori after an article was shared which included claims from the groom's ex-girlfriend that he had lied to her before coming on the show.

The article claimed that Jack had told his ex he was moving overseas for work, but was instead appearing on Married At First Sight Australia.

At the dinner party, Jack is quick to defend himself, telling his fellow participants: "This girl has made a deal of it, she wants three seconds of fame...If someone wants to question my character or integrity I'll tell them to f*** off."

Tori decided to stick by Jack when it was revealed he had a girlfriend when applying for MAFS
Tori decided to stick by Jack when it was revealed he had a girlfriend when applying for MAFS. Picture: Channel Nine

While many people expected Tori to be upset by the bombshell, she surprised everyone by telling them: "It's fine, honestly. It does not need to be a conversation moving forward. I don't care what he was doing before he came in here. It is a non-issue and to be honest it's no one's business."

At the following commitment ceremony, expert John Aiken was quick to question the timeline of Jack's former relationship and the time he started the process of MAFS.

After a lot of back-and-forth, Jack finally admits that he applied for the show while he was with his ex, adding: "It wasn't serious, it was a weekend friends with benefits, it was of no significance, it was a casual relationship."

Honesty and intimacy week

During honesty and intimacy week, more cracks begin to show in Jack and Tori's relationship.

The first comes when the couples swap phones and Tori stumbles across pictures of Jack proposing to his ex-fiancée, expressing at the time that she "wanted to vomit".

During intimacy week, Jack and Tori appear to be on different planets when it comes to their sexual attraction. While Tori said: "The sexual tension is absolutely there, I can feel that and I know that he feels that too", Jack admitted there was still work to be done.

"Tori likes the attention from me, she likes me to kiss and hug her but it's not like a big wow factor for me," Jack said: "It's not there for me yet, but I 100 per cent like to be desired in a relationship. I love having power and control and I know I've got her where I want her."

Jack's wife swap comment and fight with Lauren

The most explosive dinner party of MAFS season 11 came after Jonathan revealed to his wife Lauren that Jack has made a comment that "another groom could sleep with Tori" during couple swap week "so he doesn't have to."

As Lauren attempted to hold Jack accountable for his comments - which he defended as a 'joke' - things turned nasty when Jack asked Jonathan: "Can you muzzle your woman?"

The brides and grooms were left shocked by the comment from Jack, but despite all this, Tori stuck by her husband. She said: "If Jack says it was a joke, I'm going to take it as a joke. I trust him."

Jack shocked his fellow MAFS participants when he told Jonathan to 'put a muzzle' on wife Lauren
Jack shocked his fellow MAFS participants when he told Jonathan to 'put a muzzle' on wife Lauren. Picture: Channel Nine

At the commitment ceremony, experts John, Alessandra and Mel do not let Jack off that easy, telling him they were "disgusted" by the comment.

John told Jack: "I've heard some things in these experiments that have repulsed me, that's one of the worst things I've heard."

Jack went on to apologise to Lauren over the comment, telling the group he regrets the choice of words. He did, however, also say the morning before the commitment ceremony that "it felt good to say" and that he was "glad he said it".

While Tori appeared to be immune to seeing any negatives in Jack, Mel made it clear that his comment about the couple swap sounded like he was "offering his wife up on a platter," to which she replied: "Hearing you put it like that it actually makes me feel physically sick."

Jack and Tori are one of the couples on MAFS Australia
Jack and Tori are one of the couples on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Jack flirts with Jade during feedback week

Whilst Tori and Jack decide to put the 'muzzle your woman' comments behind them, there is still trouble ahead for the pair when the groom meets up with Jade for feedback week.

During their brief conversation, Jack tells Jade: "You have a spicy energy," before adding: "You're in the top three for me for good looking couples right now."

He then went on to tell the camera: "I like Jade, I've dated people like Jade in the past." before giving Jade the nickname 'Juicy Jade'.

Jack had some nice words to say about Jade
Jack had some nice words to say about Jade. Picture: Nine

Tori meets Jack's friends

Things go from bad to worse when Tori meets Jack's friends Jasmine and Lizz who give the bride a grilling.

Lizz believes that Tori "isn't the right girl for Jack" before going on to criticise Tori for having male friends, stating: "When I come across with a girl that has a lot of guy friends it's usually because they're sleeping with all the boys." Ouch!

Jack and Tori consummate the marriage

Jack and Tori finally slept together during home-stays, despite the trip not being the most successful when it came to planning for their future.

While Tori attempted to get a clear idea of what her relationship with Jack would look like after the experiment, and whether she would be moving to the Gold Coast to be with her new husband, the groom failed to give her many promising answers.

However, after gifting her a diamond bracelet over dinner, the pair appeared stronger than ever and later ended up sleeping together - an issue which has been a huge talking point throughout the series.

While they walked into the following dinner party feeling confident about their romance, some of the more sceptical participants admitted to not believing they had really sealed the deal.

Jack and Tori are still together
Jack and Tori are still together. Picture: Instagram/@jack_dunkley

Jack's final vows to Tori

Meant to be one of the most romantic moments on the show, Jack failed to please his wife or the audience with his lacklustre final vows.

After stating that he didn't love Tori, Jack confusingly claimed that he wanted to continue their relationship on the outside world. A slightly bemused Tori agreed to give their partnership a go and the pair left the experiment together.

Jack and Tori leave the reunion

During a tense reunion episode, Tori and Jack were under the spotlight as their MAFS journey was dissected by the experts.

Unable to take the heat, the couple had to leave the kitchen (or the couch) and stormed out of the reunion, refusing to come back and film the rest of the show.

Since exiting MAFS, there have been rumours that Jack could be teaming up with fellow MAFS 'villain' Harrison Boon for a 'secret project', so watch this space!