MAFS Australia's Tori 'forbids' Jack from being friends with client Lizz after awkward homestay visit

17 April 2024, 10:19

Tori and Lizz clashed on MAFS Australia
Tori and Lizz clashed on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

Following a tension-filled meet-up on MAFS Australia, it seems like Jack is no longer friends with his client Lizz.

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Married At First Sight Australia's Tori Adams, 27, has allegedly banned her partner Jack Dunkley, 34, from being friends with his client Lizz following their awkward homestays.

Viewers watched as Tori met Jack's friend Lizz who gave her a grilling on her intentions with her friend. However it now looks like this was all pointless as Lizz is no longer in contact with Jack.

During an interview on the So Dramatic! podcast, Lizz revealed that she wasn't on friendly terms with the groom, stating: "I’m under no disillusion that Tori has maybe forbidden Jack from being friends with me. I don’t know if it was necessarily Jack’s choice."

She continued: "I still see Jack at the gym. There’s been no massive fallout. But when I’ve spoken to him, I’ve tried to have genuine conversations, and it feels like he’s giving me answers he would give the general population."

Lizz has claimed she is no longer friends with Jack
Lizz has claimed she is no longer friends with Jack. Picture: Nine

The former friend added: "It’s a bit of a slap in the face because I’ve been one of the only people in the world that’s been defending him.

"And I can’t confirm this, but I’d have to assume this has come from his lovely bride, who has just sold all of her things to move to the Gold Coast."

Lizz also revealed that Tori had sent her a DM after she posted videos about the MAFS bride.

Jack and Tori smile
Jack and Tori are not in contact with Lizz. Picture: Instagram/@jack_dunkley

The messages from Tori read: "I was hoping I’d get to know you well enough to cast a better judgement on you, Lizz.

"I was hopeful that the opportunistic, desperate, mean girl energy I was getting from my very short interactions with you wasn’t accurate.

"I’m not sure what your angle is on your TikTok page, but I’m going to tell you what your angle ISN’T going to be."

Watch Tori meet Jack's friends on MAFS Australia here:

MAFS Australia sees Jack’s friend slate Tori

Tori added: "It’s not going to be videos of your disrespecting my mother, telling everyone you feel uncomfortable…at comments that were made in a joking manner... conveniently You don’t mental all the things that were coming out of your mouth on the very same night…funny that."

"It’s not going to be fat shaming a person when you yourself are on your own health journey, with the help of Jack…the person you are using to try and leverage yourself onto Survivor?

"It’s not going to be a platform for you to gain views and followers at the expense of MY people, including ME and mask it as ‘protecting Jack’ in the desperate hopes of being casted on reality TV."

She then ended the message with: "It's in your best interest to never pull a stunt like this again."

MAFS Australia groom Jack and Tori
MAFS Australia's Tori and Jack had a rocky time on the show. Picture: Nine

Tori has also come out publicly to criticise Lizz, telling Daily Mail Australia: "Liz is probably one of the most vile people I've ever met.

"Inviting her to home stays was an opportunity for her to get to know me and understand who I am as a person and have a chat. She completely missed the boat of opportunity on that day.

"She just came in hot and heavy and she made herself look like an absolute fool. I think what I got from that whole scene was just how maybe infatuated she's with Jack, and if I was her, I'd be embarrassed."

Jack and Tori are one of the couples on MAFS Australia
Jack and Tori are one of the couples on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Fans of MAFS Australia watched Tori have a frosty exchange with Lizz. Jack's friend had some cringeworthy words for the new bride, telling Tori that she 'wasn't her kind of person', before going on to say she thought the 27-year-old was 'basic'.

The tension between the girls was palpable, with many viewers taking to X, formally known as Twitter, to discuss the awkward moment.

One user wrote: "It makes sense Jack’s “friends” are as gross as he is… he’s paying them in free sessions to be “protective” of him lmao."

Another added: "So Jack's closest people are his nasty female friend and a "client"."

With a third stating: "Holy cow Jack’s friends are worse than he is … I’m not gonna lie though - I’m enjoying watching Tori squirm…"