MAFS Australia's Ellie reveals what she really said to Lauren at the explosive reunion

8 April 2024, 17:22

Ellie and Lauren had an argument on MAFS Australia
Ellie and Lauren had an argument on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

Ellie from MAFS Australia has hit back at claims she swore at Lauren.

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The Married At First Sight Australia reunion was as explosive as ever, with one couple storming out while another hinted at a possible reconciliation.

However, during the final dinner party we saw an almighty showdown between Jonathan McCullough, 40, Ellie Dix, 32, and Jono's ex Lauren Dunn, 32.

After surprising their fellow brides and grooms with their partnership, tension began to build between the group, with the new couple on one side and and Lauren and Sara Mesa, 29, on the other.

As insults were hurled back and forth, things reached a new level when Ellie reportedly called Lauren a 'f****** b****.' But things aren't quite what they seem, according to Ellie.

Lauren was hurt by Ellie and Jonathan's relationship
Lauren was hurt by Ellie and Jonathan's relationship. Picture: Nine

Viewers watched the drama commence when Sara quizzed the couple on when their relationship began. Jono claimed that the pair bonded during a six-hour phone call after leaving the experiment, however Sara wasn't buying the excuse.

The bride went on to call it 'complete b*******' with Lauren snapping at Ellie saying: "Ellie, no, no."

It then appeared that Ellie turned to Lauren and said: "Are you f****** serious, I left the experiment in week five you f****** b****."

MAFS Australia’s Ellie lashes out at Lauren

This led to the 32-year-old receiving extreme backlash online, with some viewers branding her 'disgusting'.

Fans took to X, formally known as Twitter, to discuss the controversial couple, with one user writing: "Oh my god. Ellie and Jono really are disgusting, gaslighting, nasty people."

Another added: "Ellie is giving me some real crazy girl vibes."

With a third stating: "Ellie bragging about her relationship with Jono in front of Lauren is disgusting. Acting like Lauren is the villain in this whole story??"

Sara clashed with Ellie and Jonathan during the MAFS Australia reunion
Sara clashed with Ellie and Jonathan during the MAFS Australia reunion. Picture: Nine

However Ellie has now hit back, claiming that her insult was actually directed at Sara and not Lauren.

Appearing on Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast, Ellie revealed: "It was at the very end of the night, and it was actually directed towards Sara because Sara was being so horrible to me.

"She came at me, and I had just snapped. I thought, ‘This isn’t your fight."

However the bride did add that she 'definitely regrets swearing on camera like that' and stated 'It’s the one thing my dad asked me not to do.'

Ellie and Jonathan made their debut on MAFS Australia
Ellie and Jonathan made their debut on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Despite the controversial start to their relationship, Jono and Ellie seem to have put the drama behind them and are looking forward to continuing their journey on the outside.

The bride took to Instagram to post: "Ready to leave this experiment behind and continue our relationship 👋🏼 #MAFS"