Why did Sara and Tim split? Their MAFS Australia break up explained

4 April 2024, 13:12

Sara and Tim had a fiery relationship
Sara and Tim had a fiery relationship. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

Sara and Tim are reportedly no longer together, but what happened between the MAFS Australia couple? Here is all the gossip.

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As Married At First Sight Australia draws to a close, we've seen some of the couples continue their relationships on the outside world, whilst others called time on their marriage in dramatic fashion.

While Jayden and Eden, Jack and Tori, and Ridge and Jade decided to remain together, fans also saw Sara and Tim say 'yes' to staying in a relationship.

However since then, the pair have reportedly split with Tim recently pictured kissing another woman, despite Sara and Tim showing up to the reunion together.

Why did Sara and Tim split? Here is everything we know about the former MAFS Australia couple.

MAFS Australia couple Tim and Sara tied the knot on the show
MAFS Australia couple Tim and Sara tied the knot on the show. Picture: Nine

Why did Sara and Tim break up?

Sara and Tim reportedly broke up due to him being seen on a dating app and making comments about not picking Sara during final vows.

According to So Dramatic! fellow MAFS contestant Jade confronted Tim at the reunion after she discovered he was on a dating app, despite him being in a relationship with Sara.

A source told the site: "Jade dropped a huge bombshell that her friend had recently seen Tim on Tinder.

"Sara was completely caught off guard. She was embarrassed because they had been sitting there all loved up all night."

Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa smile on Married At First Sight Australia
Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa are one of the Married At First Sight Australia couples. Picture: Nine

However Tim is said to have defended his actions, saying: "he was on there because he works in marketing, and it’s a marketing thing."

Whilst Sara chose to believe him, this wasn't the end of their issues.

Fellow groom Jonathan McCullough, 38, is said to have revealed that Tim told him: "If he had more time, he might have made a different decision about staying with Sara at the Final Vows."

The source then added: "Sara was completely blindsided and hurt because they were still together and doing so well. She was really upset and crying."

Tim and Sara have reportedly split up
Tim and Sara have reportedly split up. Picture: Nine

This apparently was the final nail in the coffin, with the insider explaining: "Tim and Sara were so strong once they got into the real world and there were no cameras or the pressure of the experiment.

"But then Sara was made aware of Tim’s conversations with other cast members, and this essentially broke them up.

"Behind closed doors, Tim was telling Sara how into her he was, how happy he was with her, how glad he was that she made it up to him and how much effort she had put in, and that he could really see himself being with her. But then he was saying something completely different to the rest of the cast."

Watch the MAFS reunion trailer here:

MAFS Australia reunion trailer

It seems that Sara and Tim are currently 'not really on speaking terms', despite their loved up relationship playing on screen.

Fans will get to witness their fallout soon as the MAFS reunion trailer has teased their dramatic argument.