Married At First Sight's Jayden makes shocking confession to wife Eden

7 March 2024, 10:21

MAFS Jayden makes a shocking confession during the experiment
MAFS Jayden makes a shocking confession during the experiment. Picture: Channel 9

By Zoe Adams

MAFS confession's week is set to get really tricky for happy couple Jayden and Eden - but what does he tell her in his letter?

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Married At First Sight Australia 2024 brought together Jayden and Eden in what seems to be the perfect match.

After a gorgeous wedding day, attended by former MAFS star and brother Mitch, the happy couple went on to have an even better honeymoon with bride Eden feeling confident enough to open up about her past heartbreak where her boyfriend cheated on her with her life-long best friend.

However, despite being in a little love bubble, things come crashing down for Jayden and Eden in the famous Confessions Week where he is said to make quite the admission.

From the picture ranking challenge to writing a letter to reveal more about yourself, Eden is left "triggered" and concerned for the future of her marriage.

So what was Jayden's confession? Be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

MAFS bride Eden was left visibly upset by Jayden's sex pact confession
MAFS bride Eden was left visibly upset by Jayden's sex pact confession. Picture: Channel 9

What was Jayden's confession to Eden on Married At First Sight Australia?

During Confessions Week, the couple were tasked with writing letters to one another which had to reveal something personal.

The groom admitted to camera that he was "really, really nervous about the task" with the reason why becoming obvious when he revealed he made a sex pact with his ex.

Writing in his letter, he wrote: "My ex-girlfriend cheated on me. She was going on dinner dates, movie dates and I even had guys openly admit to me in person that they had slept with her.

MAFS couple Jayden and Eden taking a selfie
MAFS couple Jayden and Eden formed a strong connection from the moment they met at the top of the aisle. Picture: Jayden/Instagram

"I told her that I was willing to give her another chance, but I'm gonna sleep with her best friend while she watches."

Following Eden's sad past where her boyfriend cheated on her with her life-long best friend, she became clearly upset by what her husband was telling her.

She asked: "Do you regret that though?" To which Jayden replied: "No."

An executive producer for the show also admitted his revelation was a surprise to them.

Endemol Shine Australia's Mollie Harwood said it was a "great television moment" that "highlighted the unpredictability of the show".

Eden confides in fellow MAFS contestant Sara how she's feeling as they try to figure out how they move forward from this.

However, it seems like she does move on from her other half's confession as she took to Instagram with a set of loved-up pictures and wrote the telling caption: "We all make mistakes."

Jayden on his wedding day on MAFS Australia
Jayden and Eden on their wedding day. Picture: Nine

Fans were left disgusted by Jayden's comments, with many viewers taking to X, formally known as Twitter, to air their feelings on his confession.

One user said: "Watching MAFS Australia tonight and Jayden……W** was that revelation!!! No way they can come back as a couple from that. W** even was that. Dude!!!"

Another added: "Woahhhh Jayden!! That’s harsh but his partner cheated first. But wow, that’s crazy #MAFSAU #MAFS #MAFSAUS:

With a third stating: "Sounds like Jayden was setting his ex Gfriend a weird penance- I don’t think he wanted to get back with her- just be able to exhibit control & to make the person watch???? How did he get through the psychological examination??"