MAFS Australia's Richard accuses Andrea of leaking private conversation about getting back together

12 April 2024, 14:45

Richard has spoken about the experiment for the first time since MAFS finished
Richard has spoken about the experiment for the first time since MAFS finished. Picture: Channel Nine
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Married At First Sight's Richard has revealed that he did ask Andrea whether their relationship had a future after MAFS, a story which ended up in the press.

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MAFS Australia groom Richard has accused his ex Andrea of leaking details of a private conversation they had after filming Married At First Sight to the press.

Richard, who was the oldest groom to ever take part in the series, recently revealed that he met up with Andie after they both left the experiment where he asked her whether there was a chance they could get back together.

This information later became public, along with a picture of a text he sent to Andie after the reunion aired to apologise for his actions, obtained and shared by the So Dramatic! Podcast.

Now, Richard has accused Andrea of leaking the details from their post-MAFS meet-up and hinted she could be the one who shared his texts message with the podcast.

Married At First Sight's Andrea marries Richard in season 11, but is he the one?
Married At First Sight's Andrea and Richard have gone their separate ways since the show ended. Picture: Channel Nine

Appearing on Yahoo! Australia's podcast Behind The Edit, Richard opened up about trust issues he had with some of the cast members on series 11 of the hit reality show, including Lucinda's ex-husband Timothy.

One person he does trust, surprisingly, is controversial groom Jack, who Richard said is "solid" adding: "Anything I say to him doesn't go to anyone else."

He went on to insinuate a lack of trust with his ex Andrea, saying: "For example I sent texts to Andie and I hear them being read out on podcasts - like, no, I'm not going to talk to you if you're going to tell other people what I've said."

Richard went on to reveal that when he met with Andrea for coffee recently, he asked whether they could "get together again", adding "that was leaked." He then accused Andrea of being behind this "leak", stating: "Come on, Andie, this is private stuff!"

Richard and Andrea's relationship came to an end after this explosive argument
Richard and Andrea's relationship came to an end after this explosive argument. Picture: Channel Nine

Following their split being aired on Married At First Sight, it had been reported that the groom reached out to Andie via text to apologise for what happened between them.

In pictures obtained by So Dramatic!, Richard was clearly remorseful for how their romance ended, after his public comments about their sex life left them in a bad place.

According to the picture of the text, Richard text Andrea as the split played out on the show: "Thinking of you and hope [you’re] going okay.

“I’m so sorry for the embarrassment and hurt I caused you. I’m starting to realise a few things about myself as I watch it unfold."

He end the message by saying: “I just wanted to say I’m really sorry."

Richard said the only cast member of MAFS he trusts is Jack
Richard said the only cast member of MAFS he trusts is Jack. Picture: Channel Nine

So where are Richard and Andrea now? Well, according to the groom they are "not enemies" but also "not friends" and that during the reunion - which they were cut from - they agreed to end their time together with an "amicable peace agreement".

Richard also spoke about those infamous comments he made on the sofa in front of the experts and the rest of the couples about his sex life with Andrea, which ultimately started the end of their relationship.

Speaking of Andie's upset over the comments, Richard defended himself by saying: "I don't go around talking about my sex life like that to anybody, it's a show man! It's intimacy week!"

He added that the couples were encouraged to talk about their sex lives during intimacy week, which adds context to what he said. Richard added: "This was the context in which I said that, it's not like out of the blue I if I'm with a group of friends."