MAFS Australia expert John Aiken reveals whether Lucinda is joining the panel next year

12 April 2024, 12:05

MAFS Australia's John has revealed whether Lucinda will be a new expert
MAFS Australia's John has revealed whether Lucinda will be a new expert. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

With talk of Lucinda becoming a new MAFS Australia expert, John Aiken has given his thoughts on whether the fan favourite should join the couch.

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Married At First Sight Australia's John Aiken, 53, has weighed in on rumours that season 11 bride Lucinda Light, 43, could become an expert on the show.

The reality star has had difficult journey on the show so far, as she and husband Timothy Smith, 51, have seen many ups and downs in their partnership. However Lucinda has never failed to delight her fellow couples with her sound advice and genuine concern.

After bewitching the MAFS audience with her warm personality and hilarious humour, fans have been rooting for the 43-year-old and are keen to see her on television screens more.

However love guru John seems to have shut down talk surrounding Lucinda joining the team, as the expert believes she won't be on the panel. Warning this article contains spoilers regarding Timothy and Lucinda's relationship...

John Aiken has revealed whether he thinks Lucinda could be a MAFS expert
John Aiken has revealed whether he thinks Lucinda could be a MAFS expert. Picture: Nine

Speaking to Nine Now, John was asked whether Lucinda could be a fourth expert in the future, to which he replied:

"No, I don't think she could be a fourth expert. Lucinda has many qualities and opportunities to come her way. 

"I did love her being in the experiment because she was a voice of reason, especially for the younger ones."

Watch Timothy and Lucinda discuss their relationship here:

Lucinda and Timothy reunite on MAFS Australia

Lucinda has also given her thoughts on whether she would make a good MAFS Australia expert. Speaking to Triple M WA’s Robbie Von, the 43-year-old stated that she doesn’t believe she’s in "any place to comment on anybody’s relationship or marriage".

She went on to add: "I mean, I’m not in one successfully, so I just don’t feel like I belong on an expert couch there personally. I think even if the job were offered it would probably be a no from me."

Lucinda was a fan favourite on MAFS Australia
Lucinda was a fan favourite on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

It also looks like public scrutiny is another reason why Lucinda is less keen on becoming an expert.

The bride said: "MAFS comes with such criticism and commentary from the public. I just don’t think I want to put myself out on the public chopping block again.

"It was sort of enough during the experience and look, I’ve received a lot of love, but yeah… I just think I’d really I’d be asking for critique if I thought for one second I was a relationship expert.

"At 43, I haven’t quite got it right yet!"

Timothy and Lucinda were keen to build a connection on MAFS Australia
Timothy and Lucinda were keen to build a connection on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Lucinda had a challenging time on MAFS Australia after she and Timothy regularly disagreed on the way they communicate.

During their time on the show Timothy was also dealing with the loss of his family members, which played an important role in their relationship.

Despite trying their best to make their connection work, the pair agreed that they were better off as friends and parted ways.

Lucinda and Timothy on MAFS Australia
Lucinda and Timothy had a rocky time on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

The couple came together for a final time during the MAFS reunion episode, which saw them hint at a possible reconciliation.

Speculation on their relationship furthered when Lucinda posted an emotional tribute to her former partner on social media.

The TV favourite wrote: "Dear Timbo, That’s a wrap! What a blast! What I adore most about you Tim is your ability to bring laughter to those around you, even amidst your own pain and loss. Your bravery throughout our time together has been awesome! You opened up your vulnerable side, showing men everywhere that it's not okay to bottle it up! Despite your "Tin Man" facade, I see the enormous heart you carry 💕

"I'm incredibly proud of you, and I'm sure your mum Varee and brother Dave would be too, looking down on you from up above. You've shown true courage and authenticity & you’re a legend. Too many men suffer in silence, and it's time we changed that paradigm. We need to celebrate men who are open-hearted and willing to show their emotions. That’s the new SEXY!"

Lucinda and Timothy hinted they may get back together
Lucinda and Timothy hinted they may get back together. Picture: Nine

She went on to add: "I've witnessed you take tremendous strides in our journey together, and I hope you continue on your path of healing. True redemption and inner peace come from letting go, forgiving, and allowing love to flow freely.

"I believe in you, Timbo, and I know that a wonderful woman awaits you for a joyous journey ahead. Here whenever you need an ear. With love and admiration, Lu."