The truth behind MAFS Australia stars Sara and Cassandra's unaired feud

2 May 2024, 12:19

Sara and Cassandra had a massive unaired fall out on MAFS Australia
Sara and Cassandra had a massive unaired fall out on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

Why did Cassandra and Sara argue on MAFS Australia? Here is everything we know about their unaired arguments.

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Married At First Sight Australia saw its fair share of arguments in season 11, however one feud which left viewers confused was the unexpected fall out between Sara Mesa, 29, and Cassandra Allen, 29.

Whilst Cass had beef with Tori Adams, 27, and Sara often clashed with her husband Tim Calwell, 31, and former bestie Eden Harper, 28,- nobody predicted that an argument would ensue between Sara and Cassandra at the final commitment ceremony.

During the tense reunion, these two were at loggerheads, with Cassandra calling Sara a "liar' before adding that the bride was "nasty" and "fake". This left many fans wondering what really went down between these two, as Cassandra's outburst appeared to come out of nowhere.

What happened between Sara and Cassandra from MAFS Australia? Here is their secret feud explained.

Cassandra and Sara were brides on MAFS Australia season 11
Cassandra and Sara were brides on MAFS Australia season 11. Picture: Nine

What happened between Cassandra and Sara?

During an interview on the Sit With Us podcast, Sara's ex Tim revealed that there was quite a bit of beef between Sara and Cass.

Although he wasn't keen to spill the beans himself, the groom did allow fellow MAFS star Jonathan McCullough, 40, to tell all about Cassandra and Sara's spat.

The groom was asked by host Domenica Calarco about a reported dispute between the brides, with Jono confirming that Sara called Cass a "c***".

Watch Sara and Cassandra argue on MAFS Australia here:

MAFS Australia reunion trailer

The TV star said: "So that episode, watching it all back i was like 'I cannot wait for this episode' because Cass destroyed Sara. She just sat across the table from her, calm as a cucumber and just tore shreds through her about being pretty much the worst person she's ever met.

Jono continued: "Sara was going off and Tim took her out the back, like out to the cocktail room, and then I walked out just to get them both a drink and yeah I heard Sara said that she called Cass a C-word.

"Then I sort of went back in and everyone's like 'what are they going on about?' and I was like 'Sara's just upset' and they were like 'what did she say?' and I'm like 'ah nothing' and everyone was like 'come on she's p***** at Cass.'"

The TV star then went on to reveal that he saw Tim confront Sara on her comments, stating: "Tim was like 'you can't say that' when she said it, then she backed it up 'but she is a c***'. But they cut it all."

Cassandra was in Sara's firing line on MAFS
Cassandra was in Sara's firing line on MAFS. Picture: Nine

According to So Dramatic!, two MAFS participants told the podcast that tensions had been brewing between Sara and Cassandra for a while.

One contestant claimed that Cass was "so nasty" before going on to state: "She isn’t the sweet little angel that she portrayed during her wedding at all.

"She was always gunning for Sara for no good reason. It was obvious production was in her ear telling her to say stuff to Sara purely for airtime because Sara was a main character and Cass was so boring. It was so obvious what she was doing."

Sara clashed with Cassandra at the MAFS Australia reunion
Sara clashed with Cassandra at the MAFS Australia reunion. Picture: Nine

Another cast member revealed that Cassandra allegedly "told Sara she thinks she’s so full of s*** and called her a nasty b****. They had never even had a conversation, it would just come out of nowhere.

"Sara was so sick of Cass coming for her. At one dinner party, she absolutely loses it and calls Cass a c***. She had just had enough and fully lost her s***. It wasn’t cool, but most of the cast could sympathise with her and understand why she said it."

A final participant also added: "Cass made a number of nasty remarks to Sara during filming. She was constantly trying to instigate drama with her at the dinner parties. She was just an easy target. Sara did absolutely nothing to her. I think she just wanted airtime."

Sara clashed with Cassandra during the MAFS Australia reunion
Sara clashed with Cassandra during the MAFS Australia reunion. Picture: Nine

This revelation will come as a shock to viewers as none of these interactions were included in the final edit.

Fans took to X, formally known as Twitter, to discuss Sara and Cassandra's frosty exchange.

One user commented: "Cassandra fetching Sara at the reunion was my most favorite moment of the entire season. You go girl #MAFSAustralia"

Another added: "I'd love to know what exactly it is Sara has done to make Cass and Michael react that way, cause it's clear something has happened. #MAFSAU #MAFS."

With a third commenting: "oh Cass coming for Sara. Didn't have that on my bingo card."

Cassandra was partnered with Tristan on MAFS Australia
Cassandra was partnered with Tristan on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

Whilst neither Sara nor Cass have discussed their feud publicly, tensions may be on the rise once again, as Sara was recently rumoured to be dating Cassandra's ex Tristan Black, 30.

At the time of writing Sara and Tristan haven't commented on the accusations, however relations between the brides look like they're at an all time low as they don't follow each other on Instagram.

Looks like this 'friendship' is over for good!