MAFS Australia's Eden breaks silence on Sara fallout amid demise of friendship

7 March 2024, 13:48

Eden and Sara are no longer friends!
Eden and Sara are no longer friends! Picture: Channel Nine / Sara Mesa - Instagram
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Married At First Sight Australia's Eden reveals that she and Sara 'never spoke properly' after the dinner party.

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MAFS Australia's Eden has revealed what happened between her and Sara after the bride exposed her friend for meeting up with her ex-boyfriend behind husband Tim's back.

At the dinner party, Eden and Jayden pulled Sara and Tim aside where it was finally revealed that the bride had met up with her ex the weekend before.

As the drama unfolded and the rest of the Married At First Sight participants got involved in the argument, Sara became highly defensive and ended up screaming at her co-stars before storming out of the building.

Now, Eden has revealed how the evening ended their friendship with the pair "never speaking properly" since the fallout.

Sara and Eden were good friends on MAFS before the explosive secret was revealed
Sara and Eden were good friends on MAFS before the explosive secret was revealed. Picture: Sara Messy / Instagram

"I would try to say 'hello' to her after that to try and be civil and OK but she didn't really give me anything," Eden told 9Entertainment: "We never spoke properly after that, we didn't have it out or have a conversation about it. It was pretty clear [Sara] didn't like me very much and she avoided me after that." 

The star - who still appears to be with Jayden - went on to explain that the more time she spent with Sara, the more she began to realise they didn't align.

MAFS Australia: Sara yells at co-stars after ex-boyfriend admission

Eden, however, has no regrets about going public with what she knew about Sara, with her history of being cheated on playing a big part in her decision making.

"Five years ago, when I was cheated on there were a lot of people who told me it wasn't my place to say anything," Eden explained: "After that I promised myself that it would be my place to say something if it ever happened to someone else, I don't care who they were or how I knew them."

She went on to reflect: "Having been in that position myself I knew it was the right thing to do."

Sara has also hit out at Eden for exposing her at the dinner party and not talking to her alone
Sara has hit out at Eden for exposing her at the dinner party and not talking to her alone. Picture: Channel Nine

Despite this, there was a part of her that just wanted to "sweep it under the rug", however, made her final decision based around three important people; "Tim, because I've been in his shoes, Jayden because I didn't want to force him to go against his own morals and myself because of the promise I made."

While Eden has no regrets, Sara has shared disappointed at the way her co-star revealed the meeting with her ex-boyfriend at the dinner party.

"If she was feeling crippling anxiety about it I would've hoped that she would've brought it up to me sooner," Sara said: "She could've come up to me and said 'Hey, I think what you're doing is wrong, I think you should tell Tim,' and given me the opportunity to do it myself not in front of everyone at a Dinner Party."