MAFS Australia's Jack accused of cheating on Tori in new infidelity scandal

16 April 2024, 11:08

MAFS Australia couple Jack and Tori have been rocked by a cheating scandal
MAFS Australia couple Jack and Tori have been rocked by a cheating scandal. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

MAFS Australia couple Jack and Tori are the latest pair to be hit by a cheating bombshell.

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Married At First Sight Australia has been hit with another infidelity scandal as Jack Dunkely, 34, has been accused of cheating on his wife Tori Adams, 27.

These rumours come after the experiment was rocked by news that Jonathan McCullough, 40, and Ellie Dix, 32, had been texting each other whilst on the show, leaving Jono's wife Lauren Dunn, 32, devastated.

Now it looks like another relationship may be in jeopardy, as rumours have been swirling that Jack was seen canoodling with a woman in a nightclub.

According to So Dramatic! the 34-year-old was "all over" a lady last month, with the groom's friends reportedly having to stop him leaving the club with the woman.

Jack and Tori met on MAFS Australia
Jack and Tori met on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

A source told the podcast that they saw Jack "all over some chick the whole night".

They then claimed that the MAFS star told his friends he was “going home” with this girl, however one of his friends stepped in and told him him "You can’t do that".

Things then took a turn and an argument began to ensue, with the lady in question getting involved in the dispute.

Watch Jack and Tori at the MAFS reunion here:

MAFS Australia’s Tori and Jack storm out of reunion commitment ceremony

The insider continued: "They got into a bit of an argument. Jack was telling his friend to stay out of it, and the friend was saying he was just looking out for him.

"Then, the girl started abusing Jack’s friend, saying, 'I’m going home with him to f*** him, just let us leave, it’s none of your business.'"

They then stated that one of Jack's friends "restrained him" and prevented him from leaving with the woman.

Jack and Tori are still together
Jack and Tori are still together. Picture: Instagram/@jack_dunkley

Whilst neither Jack or Tori have commented on the situation, it looks like they are taking their relationship to the next level and have moved in together.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Australia, Jack told the publication: "We're really good, going from strength to strength.

"Tori's back at work now... we've been living together for three, four weeks now, we're buying little bits and pieces for the apartment."

Jack and Tori are still in a relationship despite their difficulties on the show
Jack and Tori are still in a relationship despite their difficulties on the show. Picture: Instagram/@jack_dunkley

While their relationship continues to blossom, it seems that Jack's friendships with some of the MAFS cast have stalled.

The personal trainer continued: "I wish everyone all the best. I don't hold massive grudges. I feel like you just move on and get on with your life and karma will come around and get the people that deserve anything that is coming.

"I've got no hard feelings towards any of the cast. The only people I don't really care to catch up with at any point in time would be Timothy, Lauren, Sara, and Jono, and I still wish them well.

"I wish everyone well always, life is tough enough as it is, but as for those four, yeah, good riddance, as my wife said."