MAFS Australia's Lucinda and Timothy had to be separated after he 'refused' to be filmed

18 April 2024, 12:58

Timothy and Lucinda were at odds on last night's episode of MAFS Australia
Timothy and Lucinda were at odds on last night's episode of MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

Yesterday's episode saw Lucinda and Timothy have the mother of all arguments, leaving their relationship hanging on by a thread.

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Married At First Sight Australia favourites Timothy Smith, 51, and Lucinda Light, 42, reportedly had to be 'separated' after the groom 'refused' to be filmed after their awkward homestays visit.

Lucinda and Timothy have had a rocky journey on MAFS so far, but last night's episode saw tensions reach new heights as the couple continued to argue.

Things started to go awry when the bride confronted her husband over his attitude towards their relationship, with Timothy becoming defensive after Lucinda asked him to open up about his emotions more. Unfortunately this led to a massive disagreement between the two, with Timothy storming out of their date and leaving Lucinda with more questions than answers.

Following their war of words, it has now been revealed that Timothy and Lucinda had to be 'separated' after their fallout and didn't see each other until the next dinner party.

Lucinda and Timothy argued on last night's episode of MAFS
Lucinda and Timothy argued on last night's episode of MAFS. Picture: Nine

A source told the So Dramatic! podcast: "Lucinda was a bit rude to Tim about his house. His house isn’t a mansion or anything showy, but Lucinda said she expected something bigger, so he felt a bit judged.

"The experiment was coming to an end, and he knew he was about to go back to the real world, where he would have to deal with all of the stuff with his family when he got home. Not to mention, during Homestays, Tim’s friend’s dad was dying, and that brought up a lot of emotions for him."

During their picnic date things went from bad to worse for the pair, with Timothy feeling "really depressed" and ending the date after eight minutes.

Lucinda was frustrated with Timothy's attitude
Lucinda was frustrated with Timothy's attitude. Picture: Nine

The insider added: "Lucinda accused him of not trying and not being open with her. Tim then exploded and blew up at her, saying she wasn’t reading the room, and he was over all of her positivity. Then he said he ‘was done with this f****** TV show’ and stormed off."

The source then stated that Timothy felt production were "pushing him to breaking point" and refused to film. At this point the crew allowed him to leave and the groom was separated from Lucinda until the next dinner party.

Watch Lucinda and Timothy argue on MAFS Australia here:

Timothy walks away from Lucinda on MAFS Australia

Throughout the experiment viewers have been rooting for Lucinda and Timothy, however after this latest episode, it looks like things may be over between the two of them.

Taking to X, formally known as Twitter, fans aired their opinions on Timothy and Lucinda's relationship.

One user wrote: "Lucinda needs to let go now. She's given so much in this relationship and has got the patience of a saint. She isn't looking to be his therapist. They are never going to be in a romantic relationship, so you gotta go. #MAFSAU #MAFS #MAFSAUSTRALIA"

Another added: "Lucinda on Tim: She’s his therapist, his confidant, his naturer, his support system, his friend, his partner, his ally, his play mate, etc and she receives nothing back. Run sis! #MAFSAU #MAFS"

With a third stating: "#Lucinda has spent her whole time catering to that man and has had zero back from him. #MAFSAU #MAFSAustralia #mafs"

Timothy walked away from Lucinda on MAFS Australia
Timothy walked away from Lucinda on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

So far we have seen Collins and Natalie, Ash and Madeleine, Michael and Stephen, Andrea and Richard, Cassandra and Tristan, and Ellie and Ben, choose to leave the experiment before final vows.

Could Lucinda and Timothy be the next pairing to quit MAFS? We'll have to wait and see!