Inside Jade and Ridge's relationship since MAFS Australia

17 April 2024, 10:09

Jade and Ridge met on MAFS Australia
Jade and Ridge met on MAFS Australia. Picture: Instagram/@jadepywell/Nine

By Hope Wilson

What have Married At First Sight's Jade and Ridge been up to since leaving the experiment? Here is everything you need to know.

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Married At First Sight Australia season 11 has seen some dramatic couples tie the knot, however one pair keeping calm amongst the chaos are Jade Pywell, 25, and Ridge Barredo, 27.

As late arrivals, Jade and Ridge had bit of catching up to do to get to the same place as their fellow brides and grooms. Luckily for them the pair quickly found a connection, but with flirting scandals and cheating rumours marring their time both in the experiment and outwith, their road to the finale wasn't the smoothest.

At final vows, the lovebirds chose to remain together and were still in a relationship at the time the reunion was recorded. But since the series has ended, are the pair still going steady or have things taken a turn for the worse?

What have Ridge and Jade been up to since leaving Married At First Sight Australia? Here are all the juicy details.

Ridge and Jade were the final MAFS Australia couple to wed on the show
Ridge and Jade were the final MAFS Australia couple to wed on the show. Picture: Nine

Since leaving MAFS, Jade and Ridge have remained close and regularly share images and videos of each other online.

It is believed that Ridge has met Jade's young daughter and is forging a sweet relationship with his step-daughter.

However things have been a little rocky for the new couple, as some of Ridge's exes have come forward to claim the groom cheated on Jade with them.

Watch Ridge and Jade go on a trip after MAFS Australia here:

MAFS Australia’s Ridge and Jade confirm they are still together

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, two woman have alleged that the groom was 'dating' them whilst MAFS Australia was underway.

One woman claiming to be Ridge's ex told the podcast hosts: "We were full together, and he called me and said he was going on MAFS. But then he asked me to wait for him and pick up where we left off when he was done."

She then added: "We slept together in January, and Jade knows about it. He’s a piece of work, that’s for sure."

Another woman, also claiming to be Ridge's ex, disclosed that she was dating the MAFS star 'before, during and after filming', while going on to state: "I’m so embarrassed to admit that now, but he also said I was the love of his life and would also call me the ‘future mother of his kids’ just like he’s been calling Jade."

Jade and Ridge were looking for their perfect partners on MAFS Australia
Jade and Ridge were looking for their perfect partners on MAFS Australia. Picture: Instagram/@ridgebarredo

As the allegations regarding Ridge being unfaithful to Jade continued to build up, the 27-year-old took to Facebook to shut down the rumours.

Ridge wrote: "I’ve never cheated on Jade. We’ve had our ups and downs like in any relationship, but I’d never disrespect the future mother of my kids like that.

"Maybe you guys should check your facts before believing every bit of rubbish that’s posted on the internet."

Jade and Ridge have continued to build on their connection
Jade and Ridge have continued to build on their connection. Picture: Nine

Despite these hurdles it looks like Jade and Ridge are doing better than ever and have even discussed their future family plans.

During an interview with New Idea, the couple stated that they'd like to have children together, specifically 'boy and girl twins'.

However this won't be any time soon, as Jade revealed: "I’d also like to do a little bit of travel together and I’ll definitely be waiting for another ring before we have any kiddies."

The couple spent last Christmas together and have gone on various trips since exiting the show. We're hoping this twosome will go the distance!