Clever Policing In Cambridgeshire

25 July 2011, 06:00

Police in Cambridgeshire say they're working on a new way of sending officers out to crimes.

... but it could mean the NEAREST available patrol, WON'T be sent.

Superintendent Mike Brown explained to heart Intelligent Dispatch" to NON-emergencies could mean those who know more about the issue, get to deal with it "If for example you have anti-social behaviour at a local skate park that has lead to the police to be called, much better for the nearest PCSO or beat officer to be sent to that, than the nearest available officer".

So how will it work?

"We will set up an investigation bureau will look at every crime or incident that's reported to us and do as much as investigation up front. In many cases before we even send an officer, phone calls we could make might change what an officer needs to do when they get there - or could mean we don't have to send an officer at all."

Intelligent Dispatch is planned to begin in 2012.