Duxford Fire Expected To Burn For Another 10 Days

26 November 2014, 07:33 | Updated: 26 November 2014, 07:42

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue say the fire at a wood recycling centre is expected to burn for another 10 days.

It broke out on the 13th December.

A spokesperson for the Fire Service said, "The fire at Bridgefoot Quarry has continued to burn in a managed environment and the fire service has been making inspections at the site daily.

"A considerable quantity of the material has now burnt, however, the fog and rain have considerably slowed down the burning process. We therefore anticipate the fire will continue to burn in a similar way to how it has been for the next seven to 10 days. We then predict the fire will progressively subside over a period of time.

"The fog is holding the smoke down and this does exacerbate the effect of the smoke and odour. As a result, the A505 was temporarily closed in the early hours of this morning for two hours in the interest of road users' safety. We would ask motorists who regularly use the road to be aware that temporary short notice road closures may be instated, depending on the weather.

"We would like to continue to remind residents that the smoke can be an irritant and there is a smell of smoke in the local area. Local residents who are affected by the smoke are advised to take measures to minimise their exposure, especially if they suffer with underlying lung problems or asthma. People with these conditions should use their normal medication to control any symptoms they might experience. If their inhalers or other medications are not relieving the symptoms, they should call their GP or 999 for medical attention."