East: MPs Debate Ambulance Service

25 June 2013, 18:25 | Updated: 26 June 2013, 06:15

MPs in the East have called for Board members of the East of England Ambulance Service to quit, or be sacked.

The MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert, is one of several MPs in Parliament who have been debating the state of the East of England Ambulance Service today (Tuesday).

The organisation has been criticised for not meeting crucial response time targets and for 'letting down patients and staff'

The latest damning report was earlier this month (June).

The MPs criticised the Ambulance Trust's Board, and called for the resignations of five Non-Executive Directors, before a board meeting tomorrow (Wednesday).

East of England Ambulance

In a statement, The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: "The debate provided an opportunity to cover a number of issues about the Trust - which the ambulance service identified in its turnaround plan published in April, as well as discussions about the recent governance review.
New Chairman Dr Geoff Harris, who has been in post for a month, is reviewing the capability and capacity of Board leadership at the Trust. This will be done in a managed way but there will be changes to the Board as it is reconstituted.
The Trust published its turnaround plan in April which sets out the challenges and problems we face and the actions required to turnaround the organisation.

The governance review, from Dr Marsh of West Midlands Ambulance Service and published earlier this month, identified many of the issues already included in the turnaround plan.

The Board are currently reviewing this report and any additions or amendments required to the turnaround plan will be incorporated promptly.
There are some early signs of improvement such as better response times and reduced sickness absence. 

However, there is still much work to be done and turning the service around will take time."