Cambridgeshire: Facebook Flood Alerts

12 April 2012, 10:00 | Updated: 12 April 2012, 11:59

A week after Anglian Water imposes an indefinite hosepipe ban, the Environment Agency says Cambridgeshire could turn to social networking to avoid flash-flooding.

The Agency says two dry years in a row has left the region with all the conditions needed for potential flash-flooding - and so it's going live now with flood data using the search facility on Facebook. 

The dry, compacted soils mean that rainfall is less easily absorbed into the ground, increasing the likelihood of flooding if the country is hit by storms.

The Environment Agency is warning about the increased risk of flash flooding alongside launched the first social media flood warning application on Facebook.  

The "Floodalerts", can be found by putting the term into Facebook's search facility, and uses live flood warning data from the Environment Agency.

The application, gives Facebook users messages on their wall when flood alerts or warning have been issued for their area of Cambridgeshire.

The Environment Agency hopes the new measure will complement its existing Floodline Hotline and website updates to help warn people of the risk of flooding. 

Craig Woolhouse, Environment Agency head of flood incident management told Heart: "As the drought continues, the thought of flooding may be far from people's minds, but we cannot ignore the risk. Dry and compacted ground means that there is a greater risk of flash flooding if there is heavy rainfall, and stormy seas and high tides can produce floods at any time.

Being prepared is vital to help reduce the risk of flooding.''