Huntingdon Man Admits Attempted Murder

6 July 2010, 14:07 | Updated: 6 July 2010, 14:18

A man who attacked a woman in Huntingdon, as her young son slept beside her, has admitted attempted murder.

44 year old Peter Semourson, from Silver Birch Close, Huntingdon, walked into the victim's home through an unlocked door in July last year.

He then took his top off and attacked the woman as her eight year old son lay next to her, Peterborough Crown Court heard yesterday.

The woman then woke up, and found Semourson pushing a pillow to her face.

She fought back and pushed the pillow away, before Semourson started attacking her with a knife.

The boy then woke up, and was cut with the knife before running away and being rescued by a neighbour.

His mother then managed to escape and run to the neighbour's house, after being cut on her head and arms.

Later that same day, Semourson called Police and said he had tried to kill someone.

He was then arrested near Cineworld in Huntingdon.

Judge Neil McKittrick, sentencing, said he was satisfied the attack was sexually motivated.

Semourson will be sentenced after more psychological testing on him has taken place.

Detective Inspector Martin Brunning said: "This was a shocking and terrifying attack for the victim and her son.

Being attacked with this level of violence in her home and with the son witnessing the event has had a lasting effect on both.

Specialist police officers have worked closely with the victims throughout the last 12 months.

Semourson is clearly a dangerous man and the public will be safer with him behind bars."