M11 Drivers Survive Fence Crash

Emergency services in Cambridgeshire have described the lucky escape two people have had on the M11 after their car crashed into a field.

At 1216pm yesterday (Sunday 23rd) two crews from Cambridge and one crew from Linton were called to a road traffic collision on the M11 northbound between Grantchester and Coton.

Firefighters arrived to find a collision had taken place between two cars, both of which had left the road and entered a field.

Watch Commander Clive Allen said:

"On arrival we found one of the cars had collided with some wooden fencing, which had entered the car through the windscreen and passed through the whole vehicle. The driver and passenger escaped unharmed. 

The outcome of this incident could have been much worse with a large length of timber narrowly missing both of people in the vehicle. We advise drivers to take care and drive to the conditions as we move into the winter months."

After releasing the casualties from the vehicle, the crews returned to their stations by 2.40pm.