New 'Crash Cushions' Protect A14 Workers

9 September 2014, 06:00

New 'crash cushions' have been installed along part of the A14.

On the carriageway, where widening work is underway near Girton, temporary 'crash cushions' which absorb the impact forces from a road collision, are being used to improve safety at the sections where works vehicles enter and exit the site.

Tom Kenyon is a Project Manager for the A14 widening scheme.

He says "What you'd normally find is that if a car hit one of the ends of a barrier, it would flip the car up, into the works area or into the carriageway.

"This actually keeps the car the right way up and decelerates it, so it's safer for the travelling public and roadworkers."

This video shows how the new cushions work.

The new innovative technology of these 'crash cushions' is being used to minimise the impact of collisions in or near the roadworks.