Norovirus Outbreak At Cambridge Hospital

26 June 2014, 09:00

Parts of Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge have been closed, due to an outbreak of Norovirus.

Wards D9, 1 bay on MSU and 2 bays on D5 have been shut, because of the vomiting bug.

Visiting restrictions are also now in place. Officials say they are to protect both patients and visitors.

They are:

- Visiting times on all adult wards are restricted to between 3pm to 5pm and from 7pm to 8pm (Monday-Sunday)

- A maximum of two adult visitors per patient are allowed on the wards at any one time

- If a bay/ward is closed due to Norovirus visitors are not allowed in

- Don't come to hospital if you've been sick or had diarrhoea in the last 48 hours

The hospital have also released advice on how to avoid getting Norovirus:

- Wash your hands regularly with soap and water (alcohol gel won't protect you against sickness and diarrhoea)

- If you have sickness and diarrhoea please stay at home – don't come to hospital

- If necessary seek medical help by telephoning your GP or dial 111