Police Back-Track On Gunman At Cambridge School

16 January 2015, 06:16 | Updated: 16 January 2015, 06:22

Police have back tracked - after saying a man with a gun spotted outside a Cambridge primary school, had been an officer on a training exercise.

Police have released this statement: "We can confirm that members of the pre-planned exercise undertaken in the county on January 13 - 14, were in Cambridge city on January 13.

"However, the exercise did not pass St Luke's Church of England Primary School, as previously believed.

"We did receive a call from the school at 10.47am on Wednesday 14 January and are in the process of contacting the school in order to clarify the situation and to reassure both staff and pupils.

"The exercise is part of an ongoing, nationwide strategy, to ensure the continued safety of the public and forms an integral part of our training programme to test contingency plans.

"It was pre-planned and not arranged in response to any increased threat to the region."