Cambridgeshire Police Tractor Overtaking Warning

21 August 2014, 07:15 | Updated: 21 August 2014, 07:17

Police in Cambridgeshire say they're getting increased reports of drivers taking risks by dangerously overtaking tractors.

The force say there are more on the road at the moment due to harvest approaching.

There are particular concerns around farm vehicles turning into fields.

Sergeant Chris Huggins said: "Drivers expect vehicles to always turn at junctions but tractors also turn into fields so motorists don’t include this as part of their driving plan.

It means they may overtake without seeing an indicator or assuming that it has been left on unintentionally because there is no obvious junction ahead.

On other occasions, drivers may take a chance and overtake to avoid being stuck behind the tractor or waiting for it to turn.

Motorists often want to simply overtake as soon as possible when they see a tractor ahead but this could have very serious consequences.”

Ellen Muirhead, from Cambridge Countryside Watch, said: "Our members are reporting incidents where cars are continuing to overtake them, even when they are clearly indicating to turn right. One member recently had four incidents in one day.

There are more tractors on the roads at this time of the year so there are greater risks and the consequences could be devastating.”