Stamford Hospital Trace Mystery Christmas Card Sender

17 December 2014, 06:15 | Updated: 17 December 2014, 06:18

Stamford Hospital matron Sue Brooks is hoping to solve a Christmas mystery by tracing an anonymous grateful patient who has been sending a greetings card to hospital staff for the last 54 years.

Every year, the card arrives in the post signed ‘from a grateful patient who stayed on Exeter Ward in 1960’. Every year, the staff put it with the scores of other cards in their festive display and ponder who has sent it.

However, this year, Sue is determined to try to find out more about the patient so that she might be able to give personal thanks for so many years of Christmas wishes.
Sue said: "It is so lovely to know that a patient still thinks of our staff after all these years.

"Exeter Ward was a men's ward, so we suspect the sender may be a gentleman.

"I hope that the fact he sends in a card is a sign that he was happy with the care he received here. It would be wonderful to say thank you on behalf of all our staff past and present and get the chance to wish this person a Happy Christmas from us."