Stamford Hospital's Special Decorations

11 December 2014, 06:00

A plaster technician at Stamford Hospital has found a creative way of decorating the nurses stations around the hospital site during the Christmas period...

Elaine Sutton collects the excess plaster from plaster casts, which would usually be thrown away and turns them into snowmen in her spare time at home.

The Plaster of Paris used to create the plaster cast for a fractured limb, needs cutting into shape to fit around a patients arm or leg. As a result there is often excess Plaster of Paris left over, which hasn’t been used and Elaine uses this to create the snowmen.
She said: “I love making crafts, such as cards and decorations, so this is something that I like to do for the hospital to decorate the nurses stations and clinic areas. I take the excess bits home and spruce them up and then once the festive period is over, staff can take them home with them.”