I've Done 9 Months Inside!

19 October 2012, 10:48 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Ever seen anything funny written in the dirt of a white van?

We saw a great one the other day! Just above a dent, someone had written "Your skid stops here"!

So it got us talking about some of the funny and witty slogans that you’ve seen, or had written in other places. T-shirts being a great example! 

Pauline from Peterborough had a t-shirt printed with "No, I don’t play basketball!" on it, as she’s 6ft 2 and was tired of people asking!

We also loved the new babygrows that say "I’ve just done 9 months inside". 

In fact we found that kids had the best slogans! This was the best one. Peter's daughter has written on her baby bib the following words:

"That smell isn't coming from me, it's daddy"!

Poor Peter!

Picture from www.funkyshirt.co.uk