Celebrity Look-a-likes

Which Celeb Do You Look Like?

On today’s show we were talking about look-a-likes and how much money you could earn if you looked like Kate Middleton.

We were "well jel" that a girl called Heidi was earning £650 an appearance.

And she actually does look like the Duchess of Cambridge too. It got us wondering who we looked like and how much money we could earn,

Kev has in the past been likened to Barry Manilow but thinks he’s a dead ringer for the bass guitarist from The Jam…

...unfortunately no knows what he looks like!!

We did get a call from someone who for a living was a Robbie Williams look-a-like, have a listen to see if he earns more or less than a Royal look-a-like.

21 September - Celeb Look-a-like